King In Black & Jinny Hex – Comic Single Issues

Every week, I visit Hot Comics to collect my pulls. Before I pay for my comics, I tend to wander the comic shelves and pick up random issues to see if I would like the series. I picked up quite a bit throughout these weekly comic trips. While I still have a lot to read, I did get through a couple of issues and I’m loving what I picked up. Instead of doing a full review of every single issue, I’m going to describe the issue in one word. Additionally, I will share what I rated every single issue. I have been using Goodreads to track the single-issue comics I have been reading.

Black Cat #1 MacKay, Villa, and Reber

One Word: Sassy

This comic perfectly portrays Black Cat as she joins the King In Black Marvel crossover series. I loved this issue and I have added this to my pull list for however long King In Black lasts. I rated this issue five stars.

Gwenom vs. Carnage #1 McGuire, Flaviano, and Renzi

One Word: Unexpected

Gwen Stacy is swinging home from Empire State University when she’s attacked by Knull’s symbiote creatures. She ends up battling Carnage who is not who you would think it would be. I rated this issue four stars.

Jinny Hex Special Visaggio, Melnikov, Guerrero

One Word: Dauntless *I tried to use a new word here!*

Jinny Hex is related to Jonah Hex. She is a mechanic at a local autobody shop when her father stops by. Her father steals a supernatural item from her mother and Jinny won’t let that stand. Jinny and her friend, Lady Bird go on an adventure to stop her ruthless father. This is a one-shot which is so unfortunate because I loved this issue. I rated this issue five stars.

Let me know what comics you’re reading in the comments below. I want to grow my pull list!

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