Halloween 2020

Happy Belated Halloween! I hope you all had a wonderful, spooky season. I still haven’t taken down my Halloween decorations yet. My stormtrooper holding a pumpkin is still sitting on an end table while my windows are decorated with fun Halloween themed window stickers. With the era of Covid, I was able to host a small gathering with my friend and her boyfriend and it was fun to be able to celebrate Halloween safely.

You disappoint me.

Me and the fiance went as Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper. This is the first year we put our kitty Athena in a costume. She had a harness with a cowboy mouse sitting on top of it. I think technically Athena was a horse for Halloween? She hated the harness, so we only put it on for photos and took it off.

One Big Happy Family.

We were able to eat pizza, play music, and have a couple of cocktails. I made a cocktail titled Witches Brew. I found the recipe off Pinterest. It has white rum, blue curacao, raspberry juice, ginger ale and I topped it off with blackberries. They were boozy. I did wake up feeling slightly hungover the next morning.

Darth Vader and Alexis are actually best friends

Ultimately, I’m glad I was able to not miss out on Halloween. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Last year, I spent it at a brewery dressed up with friends. With Covid, we have to make do with what’s safe to do. Now, I’m quarantining until Thanksgiving because we are seeing the fiance’s family in Milwaukee. Let me know what you were for Halloween this year in the comments below.

Better look at Athena’s harness.

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