True Blood (2008-2014)

Vampires were a trend back in 2008. I used to own a “Team Edward” t-shirt from Hot Topic back when I read the Twilight series. Twilight showed us sparkling vampires while the Vampire Diaries was a highlight on the CW. True Blood was the more adult vampire show that aired on HBO for seven seasons. I never finished watching True Blood, so I decided to give the show another chance. True Blood is a campy, eerie, vampire show with other supernatural introductions along the way.

True Blood stars waitress Sookie Stackhouse (played by Anna Paquin) in the small Southern town of Bon Temps. True Blood takes place two years after vampires “came out of the coffin” after the invention of “Tru Blood” which allows vampires to feed off of synthetic human blood. While Sookie is waitressing, she meets Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer) a vampire who is compassionate towards humankind. Ultimately, Sookie and Bill begin a romantic relationship and are forced to face off against various supernatural threats.

True Blood discusses the prevalence of hatred of individuals who are different. Racism is shown frequently especially with Sookie’s childhood best friend Tara (played by Rutina Wesley). Tara is a character who deserved so much more, although that’s a post for a different time. In later seasons, humans end up creating concentration camps for vampires specifically. I imagine what our society would be like if supernatural beings actually exist and I think True Blood hits the nail on the head for how humans would react.

One of the positives of True Blood is getting to know Bon Temps and the people who live there. Several of the characters go through a positive character growth including Arlene Fowler (played by Carrie Preston) and Andy Bellefleur (played by Chris Bauer). Both Arlene and Andy were prejudiced against vampires at the beginning of the series. As the seasons continued, Arlene and Andy started to recognize that not all vampires are the same. Andy used to be a character I despised in the first season and is now one of the best characters. Besides Arlene and Andy, Sookie’s brother, Jason (played by Ryan Kwanten) develops into a genuinely nice human being. Originally portrayed as a playboy, Jason starts to develop feelings for Jessica (a vampire played by Deborah Ann Woll, before her Daredevil days). Jason starts to think differently about vampires and treats women with more respect than he did before. I could go on and on about the characters in True Blood. If the characters weren’t as memorable, True Blood would have been canceled a long time ago.

True Blood also has some notable guest stars including Christopher Meloni (Detective Elliot Stabler Law & Order SVU), Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia), Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim), Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld), Denis O’Hare (American Horror Story), and more. Christopher Meloni played an older vampire which was a spot-on cast. Denis O’Hare played a nasty vampire in season #3 and was one of the best villains of the show.

True Blood started strong. Seasons #1 – #4 was wildly entertaining. Sookie building a relationship with Bill, having a relationship with Eric (played by Alexander Skarsgard), and fighting off witches. Seasons #5 – #7 is where True Blood started to drag on. Season #5 featured Christopher Meloni, but his appearance wasn’t enough as this season was probably the worst out of the seven.

Overall, True Blood was a fun watch. I’m glad I gave the show a second chance. It’s a perfect show to watch in Quarantine because I could devote the time to watch all the seasons. It’s fitting this time of year too because of the atmosphere of Bon Temps being the center for supernaturals to gather. I have a picture of Eric as my phone background because he’s one of my favorite vampires in the show. If you watched True Blood, let me know in the comments which character was your favorite.

4 thoughts on “True Blood (2008-2014)

  1. I never finished this one myself either. I watched the first three seasons, and then got stuck for some reason. Doesn’t mean I won’t go back to it though😀 I’m currently playing catch up with quite a few DNF things..this one isn’t very high on my list of that, but I will eventually as I own the entire series on dvd.


    • I will say, the first three seasons are prime TV. Season #4 I liked, but a lot of fans didn’t like the introduction of witches. Season #5 was not great… Season #6 was better and Season #7 was meh. You definitely saw the best three seasons by far.

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  2. I’ve seen this around so often but never looked into it more than necessary. I’m glad to hear that your revisit allowed you to enjoy this though. It does sound like the first four seasons do a fantastic job in developing its characters and progressing the story at a decent pace! Thanks for sharing. 😀


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