Have You Ever Con Edition

I miss conventions. My only convention I attended this year was C2E2 before Covid-19 hit. Conventions are my scene. I found this blog tag on A Geek Girl’s Guide

Have You Ever Wanted to Attend a Specific Con?

Yes! Gen Con was one of the conventions I crossed off my list. Gen Con is primarily a gaming convention, but there is something there for everyone. Gen Con hosts a 5K, brewery tour, charity events, gaming and more. It was a dream come true to attend Gen Con.

Other conventions I would want to attend are Emerald City *cancelled this year due to Covid 😦 * San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con and Dragon Con.

Have You Ever Traveled for a Convention?

The farthest I have traveled was for Gen Con. If Emerald City was supposed to happen, this would have been my farthest convention. I’m based in Minneapolis and Emerald City is in Seattle.

Have You Ever Attended the Same Con Multiple Times?

100% If the Convention is fun, why not go multiple times? I have been to Convergence six times. C2E2 twice. MSP Spring Con four times. The caveat is for any conventions requiring travel, this is more tough to attend multiple times in a row.

Have You Ever Gone to a Signing or Photo Op?

Yes! Me and my friend met Matthew Lewis who played Neville Longbottom. We also stood in line to meet Jason Momoa. For photo ops versus autographs, I prefer photos. Photos are more personal for me. The one negative part about doing autographs and photo ops is it takes up the whole day. If you’re going to a convention for a single day to meet that one person, it’s probably worth it.

Have You Ever Cosplayed for a Con?

I love Cosplay! My cosplays aren’t 100% accurate because I don’t make every aspect of my cosplays. Cosplay helps me feel a part of the event. It would feel odd to me if I never cosplayed at all.

Have You Ever Worked at a Con?

Yep! The website I write for Twin Cities Geek usually tables at local conventions. If I’m free, I love volunteering to table. It allows me to connect with people who walk by.

Here are the questions:

Have you ever been to a con?

Have you ever traveled far to go to a con?

Have you ever attended the same con multiple times?

Have you ever gone to a signing or photo op?

Have you ever cosplayed at a con?

Have you ever worked at a con?

5 thoughts on “Have You Ever Con Edition

  1. I miss conventions a lot too. Last year I wasn’t able to attend animecon in my country due to my health. And this year of course Covid prevented cons from happening in the first place😢 Let’s hope things will go better next year and we can hopefully get back to a bit more of normal life.

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  2. I miss conventions. The only thing I haven’t done is worked a convention unless you count doing press. I wasn’t able to attend any conventions before COVID. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to go to at least one.


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