Hidden Through Time Review

Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time was a game I purchased in my latest Steam haul. Every review I read for this game was positive. I wanted a chill game to play during the week after I got off of work. Hidden Through Time didn’t dissatisfy as it was a well-made and challenging hidden objects game.

There isn’t an actual story to Hidden Through Time. There are a series of maps under one theme in history. In these maps, there is a select group of objects to find. I was a perfectionist meaning I wouldn’t move on to the next map until I found every single object. However, the next map unlocks after a certain quota of objects was met. If I was truly stuck, I could move onto the next map without finding all the objects. As mentioned above, I didn’t do that because I was focused in completing each level before moving on.

Ancient Egypt Map. Screenshot taken by me during gameplay.

This game interested my fiance too. I would be playing this on our couch while he watched the nightly news. He would look at my screen and help me find the objects. Hidden Through Time isn’t a two-player game, but now and then my fiance became intrigued and would sit and help me locate the objects.

Hidden Through Time is a challenging game. Some of the levels went quicker, where some levels took at least fourty five minutes to complete. I never felt Hidden Through Time was “too hard” or the objects were placed in a way where I would have never found them on my own. If I hover my mouse over the objects themselves, there are cleverly written hints pointing to where the object might be. The hints don’t give away the object’s location, but it gave me an idea as to where the object is.

As far as replayability, the levels can be replayed. There is an online version to Hidden Through Time where players have made their own maps. I played a couple of them. The online play is mostly positive. There was one castle map which took me and my fiance forever to complete. Other maps were clearly made to be extremely easy. It added another hour or so of extra game play to play through the online maps.

Hidden Through Time is a game that helped me unwind after work. It served the purpose of being a game where I didn’t have to put all of my energy into playing. It was rewarding finding an object I was stuck on and couldn’t find. There is a Vikings DLC expansion to the game probably including more maps. I would purchase this DLC in a heartbeat. Hidden Through Time is available for purchase on Steam.

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