My Favorite New Girl Episodes

It’s been six months, but I finally finished watching New Girl. I always start watching a new show although I become bored and usually end up watching something else. I would go through phases with New Girl where I would watch a season in a week and then not watch the show for months. Since I finished New Girl in its entirety, I wanted to list off my favorite episodes of the show.

“Prince” Season #3 Episode 14

As a Minnesotan, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Prince episode made it to this list. Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel) and Cece (played by Hannah Simone) are invited to a party held by Prince. Nick (played by Jake Johnson), Schmidt (played by Max Greenfield), Winston (played by Lamorne Morris), and Coach (played by Damon Waynans Jr.) all come to crash Prince’s party after Nick blurts out to Jess that he loves her. This episode is so fun. Prince gives the roommates great advice and I like the episodes in season #3 where Nick and Jess are together. I got a little teary-eyed watching this especially since Prince is no longer alive. R.I.P Prince.

“Cooler” Season #2 Episode 15

I couldn’t find a GIF of this episode I liked. This episode marks the first kiss between Jess and Nick. This kiss is one of the best on-screen kisses I have ever watched. I was re-watching this scene from various Youtube clips and it sent chills up my spine. Jess and Nick are perfect together.

“Where the Road Goes” Season #7 Episode #4

As a cat lady, this episode has to be on this list. Winston hosts a funeral for his cat, Ferguson, who passed away from a heart attack. I was crying throughout the whole thing as someone who has lost two kitties in my lifetime. Losing a pet is never easy and towards the end of the episode, we see Winston express his emotion over his lost furry friend. This episode is relatable.

“Normal” Season #1 Episode 20

I picked this episode because it’s the first episode to feature the drinking game True American. Jess invites her boyfriend, Russell (played by Dermot Mulroney) over to the loft where the roommates play a drinking game. True American shows up throughout the series as one of the remembered games the roommates plays together. All I know about the game is that the “floor is lava” and to start a game by shouting “JFK” “FDR”.

“Hubbedy Bubby” Season #6 Episode 2

In this episode, Jess and Cece make a bet with Schmidt about signing up voters for the upcoming election. Jess and Cece party at a sorority house to attempt to get them to register to vote. As Jess and Cece triumphantly lead the women to vote, they unanimously shout their support for Trump. I picked this episode because it highlights Jess and Cece’s friendship as they go on this quest together.

Honorable mentions include the pilot episode, Schmidt and Cece’s wedding and Nick and Jess’s wedding. Let me know in the comments which episode is your favorite.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite New Girl Episodes

  1. I love New Girl! This list is the best. I also think Jess and Nick’s first kiss is one of my favorites on any show too.


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