Harry Potter WYR: Hippogriff or Phoenix?

It’s been a hot minute since my last Harry Potter WYR post. I was behind in the blog posts I wanted to write, so I took a break. I’m back though with a new question. This question is all about what kind of pet you would prefer.

Harry Potter WYR: Have a Hippogriff or a Phoenix as a pet?

Harry Potter WYR: Have a Hippogriff or a Phoenix as a pet?

Having a Hippogriff as a pet would be similar to owning a horse. A Hippogriff would be an extremely loyal pet and it’s strong enough where you would be able to fly around. It can be dangerous, so you would have to train it while training other people when coming to interact with it. Buckbeak is too precious.

Although, having a Phoenix would be a pet forever. It keeps being reborn in its own ashes. You would never need to own another pet! The healing powers with the Phoenix tears may be helpful as I’m extremely clumsy. With the powers a Phoenix has, would everyone be able to own one? or would this be a pet you would need a special permit for?

I’m going to pick. . .

This is a tough one, but I think I would choose a Hippogriff. I appreciate the loyalty a Hippogriff offers and I would be willing to train one. I like the balance of riding a Hippogriff on the ground and being able to fly in the air.

Let me know which Magical creature would make the better pet!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter WYR: Hippogriff or Phoenix?

  1. Hmm.. tough one! I think I might actually go with a Phoenix. I like the idea of always having them with me, and their loyalty, and I’m also clumsy so the tears definitely would be nice! I’m also slightly afraid of heights, so I think I’d be too scared to fly on a Hippogriff.


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