Spyfox: In Dry Cereal

Spyfox in “Dry Cereal”.

Last week, I was browsing the games on Steam. I usually don’t like playing my console games during the week because I have terrible time management. I will start playing Kingdom Hearts III and three hours will go by. Therefore, I play my PS4 on weekends. Steam has a wide variety of shorter games to play. I stumbled upon Spyfox: In Dry Cereal and all of my childhood memories flooded back to me. It was a major deja vu moment. The game was only $7, so why not buy it? This game was so much fun playing as an adult even though it was aimed for kids.

Spyfox stars our favorite international spy who happens to be a walking and talking fox. He is sent on a mission to stop William the Kid from destroying the world and stealing all the milk. Who wants to eat dry cereal??? Each game has gadgets Spyfox has to utilize in his missions. As you progress through the story, you start to utilize the gadgets and solve puzzles. I will be completely transparent, some of the puzzles took me a little bit of time to solve. There was one puzzle with lasers and it took me at least twenty minutes to figure out. For a computer game that’s catered to kids, I still found this to be engaging.

Spyfox has many spy puns from pop culture. Spyfox’s boss is “Monkey Penny” aka. Moneypenny from the James Bond franchise. Professor Quack is the “gadget” duck which references “Q” from the James Bond franchise. Some of the quips from the game include making fun of people who don’t drink dairy milk. For a game that was released in the late ’90s, the quips were actually pretty good.

Spyfox: In Dry Cereal took me two hours to complete. I purchased the game on Steam and there’s an incentive to keep playing the game by unlocking trading cards of the characters. I still have one more to unlock. Spyfox is suave, funny and the ultimate fox.

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