Traversing to Traverse City Michigan

I and the fiance were hell-bent on going to Seattle despite Emerald City Comic Con being canceled. After further consideration, we decided to cancel everything. I thought of my mom who’s retired and I would hate to be responsible for bringing her the Coronavirus. In all honesty, I was disappointed. I recognized later on that with the virus, I have to be considerate of the people around me. My fiance last minute suggested taking a road trip through Michigan and it was the vacation I needed.

Jake the Dog! Photo taken by my fiance.

We left Wednesday for Traverse City, Michigan. From the Twin Cities, we drove through Wisconsin, up the Upper Peninsula, across the Mackinaw bridge to Traverse City. I live for road trips and I liked being able to catch up on my podcast backlog.

Me with all my books. Photo taken by my fiance.

Traverse City is a bay town with a cute downtown shopping area. I kid you not, Traverse City has at least five bookstores. My heart practically exploded. I spent $90 on books, graphic novels, and comics. It was fun to walk to all the shops Traverse City had to offer. Traverse City has so many breweries downtown and driving access to at least 13 nearby wineries. This was a weekend where I ate good food and drank adult beverages.

There’s nothing worse (in my opinion) than being so busy on a vacation that you need a vacation from your vacation. This weekend, I was able to read a whole book start to finish along with listening to podcasts and unwind. I feel rejuvenated in starting my work week. There were times where my and the fiance laid down and relaxed throughout our activities and it was needed. Plus we both got to spend some much needed time together without the daily life distractions.

I’m fortunate that I was able to take a trip with the Coronavirus spreading. My work just sent a mass email permitting all of us to work from home. I’m personally looking forward to laying around in comfy pants, a geek t-shirt with a mug of copy on my desk. I’m happy to be back in my normal routine and I will be posting blog posts on a much more regular basis. Thanks for sticking around.

Photo taken by the fiance.

7 thoughts on “Traversing to Traverse City Michigan

  1. Hello Mariah and Grant. Sounds like just the kind of vacation needed. Kay and I also like road trips , for the same purpose; get away, have some time to ourselves and see and experience something different; the USA towns and cities have so much to explore; we particularly like to visit the downtown, government buildings, parks, but especially the libraries. Best regards to you, Grant and Athena.


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  3. I’m so glad you were able to make it up to Traverse City! Northern Michigan is the BEST! TC also has a ton of great food and amazing wineries. I hope you were able to try out a few! If not, try to get back in the Summer and give a few a try. My absolute favorite favorite winery is Peninsula Cellars, with their Detention wine coming in as my #1! Jolly Pumpkin Brewery is a great place for lunch too!


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