Games By Bicycle Haul

I promise this is my last board game haul. Games By Bicycle is mostly known for their 52 card decks used in bridge or solitare. This company was founded in 1867 and prides themselves for being around for 130 years. Besides standard playing cards, they have been creating interesting board games. I was able to demo two of these at Gen Con although Games by Bicycle sent me a third game I haven’t played yet. Let’s look at the games Games By Bicycle graciously sent to me:

Tattoo Stories

Tattoo Stories .jpeg

Tattoo Stories!

Tattoo Stories is a party game where one player plays the customer and the other players are the tattoo artists. The customer describes a tattoo they want, whereas the artists have to draw this tattoo. The artists have to “sell” the art to the customer. Whoever gets their art picked the most by the customer wins. This is the game I haven’t had a chance to play, but it reminds me if Pictionary and Tattoo art were combined into a board game concept, it would be Tattoo Stories. This game is recommended for anyone aged 12+. This is available for purchase on the Games by Bicycle website for $19.99.

It’s Blunderful

It's Blunderful.jpeg

It’s Blunderful. This is a very flattering look for Athena. 

This was the first game I tested at Gen Con. It’s Blunderful is a game where players have to guess how the other players would react in awkward situations. Each card has a potentially awkward situation with three responses listed as A, B, or C. For example, let’s say all the players have to judge how I would respond to an awkward situation. I secretly pick which response (whether it be the response associated with A, B or C) I feel I’m associated with. The players have to guess which response this would be. Everyone (including myself) reveals the card they believe is the one I picked. If I picked “B”, this would be the correct answer. If the players also picked “B” they would win points. The  first player to reach 100 points wins the game. This is a great “ice breaker” game to get to know your coworkers or fun to play with friends you have known for a while. This game says it’s for 4-8 players, but that’s because there are these score cards to track your points with. If you played with 8+ players, you could use a sheet of paper to track your points. This game has a recommended 17+ age as some of the situations can be a little naughty. It’s Blunderful is available for purchase on the Games by Bicycle website for $24.99

Shuffle Grand Prix

Shuffle Grand Prix.jpeg

Shuffle Grand Prix 

When I played this at Gen Con, I did win against three other players, so I felt extra special. The best way I can describe my experience playing Shuffle Grand Prix is it’s the card game version of Mario Kart or Crash Bandicoot. There are a variety of different teams to pick from as they have their own special capabilities. Cards can be played to speed up your own racing team along with slowing down other players. Imagine these cards as “bananas” from Mario Kart. The player who travels the furthest by the time the distance card pile is all drawn will win the game. This is a great family friendly game with the cutest cartoon characters drawn on each of the cards. This game has a recommended age of 13+ with 2-4 players. Shuffle Grand Prix is available for purchase on the Games by Bicycle website for $24.99.

This is my last board game haul for a while. I have a HUGE board game backlog now. In fact towards the end of December, me and my family are having a board game night and I’m going to bring all of these games to play. I hope to have board game reviews starting in January. Thank you to everyone who read my haul posts and happy gaming!


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