Laurie Strode is fierce in Halloween (2018)

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Halloween (2018) Promo Poster Image. 

I drove 14 hours to get back to Minneapolis from Denver and I’m happy to be home. Colorado was breathtaking with the sight of the snow capped Rocky Mountains. I do plan on writing up a little post about my trip specifically with all the hiking we did. During my time, I stayed with a friend that I grew up with. We decided to watch some Halloween themed movies because he also appreciates a good slasher flick. He suggested we watch Halloween, the newest movie starring a PTSD torn Laurie Strode (played famously by Jamie Lee Curtis). I went into watching this movie with little expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie.

Halloween is a modernized take on the slasher genre. True crime podcasters Aaron Korey and Dana Haines go to see Michael in the Sanatarium to try and talk to him about his murders. Flash forward to Laurie Strode who’s living an isolated life away from her family. She has redesigned her home to be a safehouse which gives her a little ounce of safety away from Michael. Laurie has trained herself in the off chance that Michael does become free to kill again. Unsurprisingly, Michael does escape from the Sanitarium where he heads to Haddonfield to kill again. The difference is Laurie’s grand daughter lives there and Laurie will do whatever it takes to protect her family.

As I mentioned, Halloween feels modern despite the fact that it’s still an old fashioned, slasher horror movie. The addition of the true crime podcasters feels updated and believable. There are many various true crime podcasts to pick from nowadays (my favorite being Once Upon a Crime). It helps make the Halloween franchise feel relevant with the current wave of horror movies.

Another positive note with this movie is how it’s filmed. There are scenes where Michael is seen walking around as more of a background image and then he reappears behind his victims making it more scary to watch. I felt this movie was scary, but I’m also a “jumpy” person. As I was driving home, there was a creepy rest stop I drove by that I didn’t stop into based on a certain sequence in this film I had watched earlier.

This Halloween movie gives a girl power vibe that I’m definitely down for. Horror in the past hasn’t always treated it’s female characters with deceny and respect. This film felt like a team up with Laurie, Karen (Laurie’s daughter played by Judy Greer) and Allyson (Laurie’s granddaughter played by Andi Matichak). It’s all the generations coming together despite each other’s differences.

I’m not sure how many horror movies I will watch by the time Halloween comes around, but if you’re a slasher movie fan, I do recommend checking out the latest Halloween film. It’s entertaining, modern and a fresh look at slasher films.


4 thoughts on “Laurie Strode is fierce in Halloween (2018)

  1. Interesting 🙂 I’m not into horror films but I do like the idea of watching something scary at Halloween. Usually the most ‘horror’ I can handle is an old episode of Buffy 😛


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