Colorado Road Trip

In two and a half weeks, I will be taking a road trip to see a friend in Colorado. The exciting part is viewing autumn colors, but also seeing a new state. Colorado has been a bucket list trip idea partially because of the scenery and the hiking trails. I have known college friends who have moved out to Colorado and don’t have anything negative to say. If any of my readers have ever been to Colorado and have suggestions for me of places to see, please comment your recommendations below. 

Rocky Mountains.jpeg

Beautiful Rocky Mountain picture. Photo from Pixabay, free images. 

With this trip, I have actively chosen to drive versus fly. The driving time will be 13 hours one way. For some, this would be dreadful, but for me, I enjoy to drive. I put on my favorite podcast and I have control of making stops along the way. It’s an achievement to say that I drove 26 hours all by myself. I will say if I do make a return trip to Colorado, I will fly, but because I have never been, I want to drive the distance.

The current trip itinerary includes:

  • Visiting Boulder, Colorado
  • Casa Bonita from South Park
  • Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 16th St. Mall
  • Some dispensary 🙂
Durango Colorado.jpg

Durango, Colorado. Image from Pixabay: free images. 

In between my trip, I have been checking out Atlas Obscura for unique things to do while I’m in Colorado. I would love geeky ideas including escape rooms, comic book stores etc. while I’m there. I’m going to bold this again, but if you have any geeky Colorado recommendations of activities I must do please please please make a comment on my blog post. 

This will definitely be my last trip of 2019. This will allow me to save for future traveling in 2020. I’m counting down the days until I see the beautiful Rockies in person.


2 thoughts on “Colorado Road Trip

  1. I hope you have a great drive! The longest solo drive I’ve done I think is around 6 or 7 hours. Though I did do Chicago which was 12 hours with a friend!


    • The distance between where I live to Chicago is about 6 hours and I have done that drive by myself. This would definitely be the longest I would do by myself. I know Nebraska will be SUPER boring, but what can you do?


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