2019 Video Game Releases I’m Excited For

Playing video games will always be a hobby of mine, but the time I have to play them has drastically decreased. At my full time job, I often have to stay late past the hours I’m supposed to. I drive home from work where I cook dinner, potentially go work out and then once I get an ounce of free time, I want to go to bed to get the sleep my body needs. Weekends have become busier with me and my fiance attempting to plan a wedding. I won’t ever abandon gaming as a hobby, but I have accepted that I don’t have as much time for it as I used to. I still keep up with latest releases and I wanted to share with you about which 2019 video game releases I’m highly anticipating: 

Jedi Fallen Order – November 15th 2019

The trailer dropped at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. I remember playing Star Wars Battlefront in 2003 with one of my childhood friends. I have avoided the new Star Wars Battlefront games thanks to EA’s policies of having to pay to unlock items. Since Jedi: Fallen Order is a single player based game, I’m thinking I will enjoy this a lot more.

Jedi: Fallen Order is set after Episode III when Order 66 was initiated. Not all the Jedi’s were ruthlessly murdered, but many of them were forced to go into hiding. Cal was in Jedi training, but now works as a scrapper on the planet, Bracca. After an unfortunate incident where one of his fellow workers falls off a ledge, Cal uses some of “the force” to save him. This exposes Cal further and he’s forced to flee from the army of Stormtroopers sent to finish him.

This game has a lot of potential because of it’s departure from Star Wars Battlefront which ultimately pissed off a lot of gaming fans. Jedi: Fallen Order is released on November 15th on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. It’s also being released three days after the Mandalorian premieres on Disney+

Man of Medan – August 30th 2019

During the Polar Vortex in February [where the temperatures dropped to -30], I was playing Until Dawn. Until Dawn was an addicting horror game which is hilarious to me since I’m not a huge fan of horror games to begin with. This had the perfect level of jump scares combined with a great setting and fun characters to play as. Immediately after completing Until Dawn, I went to follow their developer, Supermassive Games, on Twitter. This is where I discovered Man of Medan, the latest game Supermassive Games had been working on.

Man of Medan is based partially on true events. The Ourange Medan was a ship in the 1940’s where the entire crew perished under suspicious circumstances. The main story is centered on five characters who are investigating an old 1940’s ship wreck. The characters are: Julie, Conrad, Alex, Brad and Fliss. Man of Medan will be similar to Until Dawn as certain decisions made within the game will impact the final ending. After making a crucial decision in the game, you can’t reload saves. Meaning you are stuck with the decision you made.

Man of Medan releases on August 30th 2019. I highly recommend playing Until Dawn before the release of Man of Medan 

Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite – Sometime in 2019

I was probably the only person who wasn’t invested in Pokemon Go. I thought it was a cute concept, but I got bored after a while. Now take the concept of Pokemon Go and combine it with Harry Potter and now I’m intrigued. Harry Potter Wizards Unite is an augmented reality based game where fans can play as certain characters and capture creatures or find artifacts in the real world. The goal is to keep the Wizarding World safe and secretive against muggles. When Pokemon Go first released, the game was really buggy. I’m hoping this doesn’t happen with Harry Potter Wizards Unite. 

So far, that’s all the games I’m anticipating. It helps when my fiance is subscribed to Game Informer because then I can keep up to date with video games every month. I’m trying to use my off days from work to catch up on my video game back log, so that when these games release, I’m ready to devote all my time to them.



6 thoughts on “2019 Video Game Releases I’m Excited For

  1. I fell in love with Jedi Fallen Order as soon as I saw the trailer and finally it doesn’t seem to be a shoot em up game, so that is high on my list. I’m definitely going to be checking out the Harry Potter game too!

    I seem to be more collecting PC games than actually playing them at the moment (and have done for quite some time now) but since I’ve managed to break through my TV and reading slump I’m hoping the gaming one won’t be too far behind.


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