Star Wars Canon Timeline

The Star Wars universe encompasses so many various media including the movies, TV series, books, comics and board games. There’s so much to devour that if you stick with the movies, you miss out on other stories. Kristin at Super Space Chick made a pact to try and read more “Star Wars Canon” in between the release of episodes VIII & episode IV. I made a decision that I wanted to read more “Star Wars Canon”. I also want to take another stab at watching Clone Wars because even though I have tried to watch it twice without continuing on, I have heard too many good things about the show to completely abandon it. I plan on posting my Star Wars Canon Project which I did adapt from Kristin’s list, so credit goes to her for putting it all together.

The Star Wars Expanded Universe has had various changes as to whether or not the books were “canon” or not. When something is “canon” it means it’s existing in the same universe. When Disney acquired LucasFilm, they set out to make a standard as to which Star Wars books would be considered “canon”. On April 25th 2014, the Expanded Universe was retconned, meaning all the books published before this date weren’t technically considered canon. These books still were written, but technically are considered almost fan-fiction versus actually occurring in the Star Wars universe. This may have angered fans who fell in love with the books only for them to not be considered in the main Star Wars saga.

One summer, I had walked to a library near by my house. I spotted sitting on a shelf Maul Lockdown by Joe Schreiber. Darth Maul is easily one of the most underused characters in the Star Wars saga. I enjoyed Maul Lockdown as it adds to his story that we don’t get to see in the Phantom Menace. However, this book was released before April 25th, so therefore it’s not strictly canon.

The question becomes. . . what is considered canon in the Star Wars Universe? The movies are always going to be number one. Followed by both Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. The books help provide fans with much needed character development taking place between the movies. Comics also help to fill that void.

Star Wars Canon Project.jpg

In the above picture, I crossed off in blue what I have read or watched already. The list is about five pages on it’s own including every TV episode, movie, comic, book that’s been created. I’m also going to include a link to Kristin’s video where she gives even more resources for fans to utilize when reading the extended universe.

Ultimately, my goal is to read as much as I can before the end of the year. That may only be one book or it can be finally finishing Clone Wars. I like this organized guide because it feels like a check list and I’m a list making person. In Kristin’s above video, she links to her original google doc which I then used to make it my own. Episode IX comes out this year and reading more Star Wars will get me excited for December.


5 thoughts on “Star Wars Canon Timeline

  1. I remember when Disney acquired Lucasfilm and took all previously established content out of the canonical timeline. I felt a bit cheated by Disney for a while though it didn’t stop me watching their stuff and trying to enjoy it for what it was and looking at it like I do with the MCU and Marvel comics. In the case of marvel the movie universe is just one of many universes with varying storylines and looking at it this way allowed me to reconcile the retcon without becoming too stroppy about it. I would say, Clone Wars is an absolutely brilliant series whether canonical or not, despite being cancelled (and now getting a new series this year I think to finish it off which I was pleased about). There have been some cracking SW graphic novels in the last couple of years released via Marvel, though admittedly I have only read the Darth Vader ones. I recommend them, particularly the crossover “Vader Down”. I have been less impressed with TV and movies since Disney took over. Rebels was ok, I got bored with Resistance v Quick and really found the movies to be a bit of a let down. That being said I am looking forward to this year’s release and hope that I come out of the cinema mind blown as you are supposed to with space fantasy. As a personal recommendation, I would suggest the Novels Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command by Timothy Zahn. They were released in the 90s, so are no longer canonical but my recommendation holds for 2 reasons. They introduced Thrawn, who resurfaced in Rebels and now even has retconned novels penned by Zahn given his popularity (he is my favourite SW character and one of my favourite antgonists of all time), and secondly those three novels formed a trilogy that breathed life back into SW at a time when its popularity was ebbing. They may not be canon but they did their part to keep the franchise alive for years until a new movie was released. Thanks for sharing


    • Ooh I’ll have to check those out. I know a lot of fans felt similarly to you with the canon stuff all of a sudden not being canon anymore. I could see why that would anger you. I personally didn’t have any preference because I wasn’t really deep into the Star Wars novels by that point.


      • They empire trilogy are definitely worth a read even if you look at them as fanfic as timothy zahn is a pretty decent storyteller. Though he is admittedly better at star wars than general scifi as other stuff i read by him is too reliant on coincidence. The books being taken out of canon were the first time I saw (any)fans get really stroppy over creative content. Sadly, the trend has continued and escalated.

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  2. I’m doing the same thing! I’ve read a lot of the “old EU” and a bunch of the newer Marvel comic releases, but I wanted a way to keep track of everything that is canon and work my way through it as well. Kristin’s list and video was so helpful!


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