Twerking at a Wraith: DnD Dark Ages Session #5

This has officially become the longest DnD campaign I have ever been in. My character Althaea is a level #5 now and she has more spells she’s learned through the course of her adventures. Our last session was one of the most entertaining DnD sessions I have ever witnessed. If you can’t already tell by the title of this post, one of the characters has some fun with the Wraith we fought which I will go into detail shortly.

To begin the session, our group heads over to Lake Constance to fetch some of the remaining magical artifacts. We were going to head there in the prior session, but we were attacked by Frost Giants. As we carefully walk on the frozen lake, we see an ice Wraith pausing over a hole in the ice. We investigate the Wraith and see it has been injured and unfortunately succumbs to its injury. One of our characters has a spell where she can breathe underwater, so she dives down to collect a dark arrow and a pair of gauntlets. We also uncover a map from a corpse nearby which has been frozen solid in ice. This map leads us to certain locations where other magical artifacts can be found.

Althaea decides we should investigate the Dark Tower. As we climb the stairs we see a light Wraith guarding the light artifacts. Our character named Cupo decides to yell “GOOD MORNING, HOW’S YOUR DAY??” at it. I burst out laughing because of the way he randomly yells this and his facial expression as he says it. The Wraith immediately sent a bolt of light at Cupo who took 13 damage. Since Wraith’s are ghost like creatures, it was immune to physical weapons. It was also resistant to poison, fire, ice, thunder and necromancy magic. This happened to be what most of my spell slots were.

Muglupus and Cupo were unable to fight the Wraith since they weren’t spell casters. This is where things got weird. Cupo decides if he can’t fight the Wraith, he would distract it. First, Cupo starts asking him generic questions like, “SERIOUSLY THOUGH HOW IS YOUR DAY?”. Cupo starts rolling high enough where the Wraith is apparently distracted. Next, Cupo takes off his shirt and starts “shimmying” at the Wraith. If that wasn’t enough, Cupo completely undresses and starts “dancing” which turns into twerking in front of the Wraith. Cupo rolled a critical success, which led to the Wraith glided up to Cupo and licking him!

Eventually, Althaea and Maeva defeated the Wraith by casting various spells at it even though it might have been resistant to them. Althaea dealing it 20 damage with Maeva dealing it 25 damage. Our characters turn to see Cupo desperately trying to dress himself as we walk out of the Dark Tower with our items. As our characters decide our next move, we made our way back to a village we saved back in session #2. I bought more health vials since I had plenty of physical weapons. Our group looks at the map we gathered from the frozen man and see the mountain range is our next place to go. As we walk to the mountains we see a group of monks who have been slaughtered. This ends our session.

This was an exciting session for me due to being able to fight the Wraith. It was entertaining seeing Cupo trying to distract this Wraith. It’s not as funny typing it out in a blog post than it was actually being there and seeing him say these things to the Wraith. I’m looking forward to our next session where we will be in the mountains collecting more magical artifacts. Thank you so much for reading all these recaps, hopefully you’re enjoying them as much as I am.


5 thoughts on “Twerking at a Wraith: DnD Dark Ages Session #5

  1. I’d like to say your non standard tactics in defeating the wraith were the weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered in a DnD game…but not even close. Very clever though, taking some heat off the spell casters to allow them to do their work. Thanks for sharing, once again


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