Surviving Until Dawn *Game Review*

Did you know Brett Dalton, Hayden Pantierre and Rami Malek were in a video game? I found this out as I slid the disc for Until Dawn in my PS4 a week ago. I hope if I ever became famous, I could appear in a video game too. Until Dawn is one of my favorite horror games I ever played.


Rami Malek.jpg

Josh invites his friend back for an epic, blizzard party. Motion Captured by Rami Malek. Image by Supermassive Games. 

Until Dawn Brett Dalton.jpg

Brett Dalton as Mike in Until Dawn. Photo by Supermassive Games 

Until Dawn Hayden.jpg

Hayden Pantierre as Sam. Photo by Supermassive Games. 

Eight teenagers gather at a log cabin mansion owned by Josh’s family (motion captured by Rami Malek). Beth and Hannah, Josh’s twin sisters, run into the storm after a practical joke gone wrong performed by their friends. Beth and Hannah are never seen again. One year later, the same eight teenagers return to the cabin: Josh, Chris, Ashley, Sam (motion captured by Hayden Pantierre) Mike (motion captured by Brett Dalton), Jessica, Emily and Matt. As you play through the episodes, vicious creatures start to stalk the characters. Additionally, it appears one of the characters is a psychopath who’s also hunting the teenagers. Each of the ten chapters allows you as the player to make decisions regarding the fate of the other characters.

Trophies can be unlocked based off decisions made in the game. For example, I chose to cut off one of the character’s fingers with a hatchet after getting stuck in a trap. This allowed my character to still have a working hatchet and I received a trophy for this decision. Some decisions in the game were easy for me to make, but others I had to deliberate on for much longer.

Until Dawn relies on QTE’s (quick time events) meaning pressing buttons in rapid succession to succeed in an event. I accidentally failed this when one character was racing in the woods and I pressed the wrong button on the PlayStation controller. Missing one button led to a character’s death. There’s many ways to replay the game as I need to collect all the collectibles, but also wanting to see how different choices play out differently. I want to unlock the trophy where all the characters survive as my first play through I accidentally killed them all :/

I have no criticism for Until Dawn and I cannot stop raving about how great this game is. There’s a soft spot in my heart for Ashley and Chris since they both remind me of young, high school love. The graphics in this game were breathtaking as the cabin is based on top of this mountain with a brutal snow storm being the back drop for the teens. Until Dawn is a game you must play if you own a PS4.

7 thoughts on “Surviving Until Dawn *Game Review*

  1. I don’t play games and horror is not my thing, but I actually have tried this one. My friend plays games a little and had this game because we were both huge Agents Of SHEILD fans and knew Brett Dalton was in it. So one day when I was at her apartment, she had me try it. Seeing Rami and Hayden—and I think Jordan Fisher and Nichole Bloom are in it too—was wild because I knew of all those people. We only played for maybe an hour and a half (and after the thing jumped out of the bathroom cupboard, I had to give the controls over to my friend because I was spooked) so we didn’t get to any murder answers but another friend explained the weird supernatural endings and I don’t know I would have accepted that into the seemingly normal world. But it was an interesting game, and it was cool that I, someone with not a lot of video game experience and next to zero PlayStation experience, could play it.


    • I thought the supernatural elements tied in well to the story line as Mike’s character you explore that building that’s relatively close to Josh’s parents house. I usually hate horror games, but the jump scares are a little much for me, but I really enjoyed this one.


  2. I love Chris, too! And Rami Malek is so good at playing Josh. I recently wrote a post about how important choices were in this game so I agree that some choices were difficult to make. Overall great review!


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