Halloween / October Review

There’s 365 days until Halloween next year. My Halloween was a chill night spent drinking beer with friends and staying out later than I usually do. Towards the end of September, I wrote a blog post of my October Bucket List items I wanted to accomplish. As always, my goal list was ambitious and I didn’t complete every task on this list. I wanted to do a brief reap of October 2018.

  • Watch the Classic Horror Movies! I own Dracula, Frankenstein and the Mummy.

For me and the boyfriend’s 4 year anniversary, we watched the original Frankenstein although it seemed familiar which makes me think I watched the original in some high school or college class. The boyfriend ended up falling asleep through the movie which is unlike him.

  • Watch Rocky Horror Picture Show *the original* which I have also never seen before.

Nope, but it’s in my Netflix Queue.

  • Visit an Apple Orchard

Me and the boyfriend had plans to go to an Apple Orchard, but the weather didn’t cooperate as we had quite a few rainy days.

  • Attend a Halloween Costume Party
Halloween 2018.jpg

Me & The Boyfriend at our Halloween Brewery Party Thing.

On Halloween, me and a couple friends drove to a brewery that was hosting a costume party plus beer samples. Not necessarily a costume party, but I’m going to count the brewery as succeeding in this goal.

  • See the new Halloween movie in theaters

I want to see this still, but I haven’t gotten around to it.

  • Carve a Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is messy which stopped me from completing this goal

  • Watch Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix

It’s on my Netflix list!

Halloween 2018 2.jpg

The kitty w/. her pet kitty. 

October 2018 was a blur because I was busy almost every single weekend. I’m sad to see October is over, but now I have these cute pictures to cherish forever ❤


11 thoughts on “Halloween / October Review

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  2. Well, you have gotten a lot of things done in October, so I would say it’s been a succesful month for you 😊😊 I haven’t gotten around to seeing the new Halloween movie either. But if all goes well, I will be seeing it tomorrow. Hope next month will be a good one for you as well 😀


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