Wrecking Havoc in Call of Cthulhu

One of my bucket list items for October was to play in a horror D&D campaign. On Friday October 5th I cooperated in a D&D Call of Cthulhu campaign held by a couple players in a Facebook Group I belong to. Besides playing D&D, I was able to visit a new game store I had never been to; the Gaming Goat in St. Paul.  I drove 45 minutes from my apartment to the Gaming Goat during rush hour traffic because I was looking forward to the story. Our session flew by and we ended up playing the campaign for 5 hours straight. Call of Cthulhu D&D is probably my favorite format because of the horror element to the game.

I wasn’t the DM, but I do know a couple of the mechanics in Call of Cthulhu. When you roll the dice, you want to roll under you skill. For example, my character, Dr. Tamla Wisseller has a high biology skill of 70. In order to succeed, I would need to roll a 70 or under to pass. However, Dr. Wisseller has a 5 in fast talk which makes it impossible for my character to talk her way out of a situation. A critical failure would be to roll a 99 or even a 90 may count as a critical failure. Therefore a critical success would be under 10.


Dr. Tamla Wissler: still the same scientist, playing the sax. 

To start the campaign, all of the characters were on a ship similarly built to the Titanic traveling to Massachusetts. Initially, all players could sneak items on the ship and I rolled to sneak a vial of acid in my pocket because Dr. Wisseller is a scientist and who wouldn’t want acid to pour onto a creature. As the days pass in our campaign, different characters go missing, are murdered or pushed overboard. In between all of the missing passengers, I did roll a critical success to pour a drink and yell obscenities at Nazi’s which I was proud of.

As our players ventured out on the boat, we uncovered the ship captain performing a sacrificial ritual to a black tentacled octopus creature underneath our boat. All of the characters who were murdered were sacrificed to this creature. Thankfully, the group of players stopped the ship captain before we had to fight the ugly monster so we “beat” our campaign.

A year ago, I participated in a Call of Cthulhu D&D session with the same group of people I played with this year. The DM still had my old character sheet from the previous year so I played as the same character from last year. That was an extra bonus to this session.

I enjoy the Call of Cthulhu D&D mechanics and would highly recommend it. It’s perfect for the October month, but can be played all year round. I’m attending another session next Thursday and I haven’t decided if I’m going to play as Tamla or as another in depth character trying to stay sane in the Arkham universe.


6 thoughts on “Wrecking Havoc in Call of Cthulhu

  1. From the few times I have played Call of Cthulhu and the one “Professional” observer game I have seen, you really need to beat the cult leader in order to win the campaign as fighting the giant octopus isn’t usually a good option. Your group did well to survive.
    When I was at the UK Games Expo this year, one of the shows I attended was the aforementioned “professional” observer game which I was allowed to film. Playing in the game were devellopers of Call of Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Starfinder and the artist who draws munchkin. Given your enjoyment of Cthulhu based games you might enjoy the video, if you haven’t already seen it. If you haven’t, and are interested, here is a link https://itsmorethanjustgaming.com/2018/06/12/live-rpg-plus/


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