Financial Tidbits I learned

We talk about physical and mental health quite frequently in society, but what about financial health? Financial health describes what your financial state is. This includes emergency savings, retirement along with how much disposable income you have. Disposable income is important because to fuel the economy we need to purchase stuff. I wanted to share a couple things I’m doing to help me out financially.

Wands at the ready

Attend another convention? Yes, please 🙂

Creating a Travel Savings Account

My financial adviser suggested to do this to help pay for travel without digging into my “emergency savings.” Plus if I know my money is directly going to fund my next trip, it gets me more excited to stay in if I know I could fly somewhere new in the next couple of months. I’m using Ally  and I opened a high yielding savings account to help accrue more interest. I’m looking forward to seeing this account grow and which trips I can personally fund out of this account.

Make all minimum payments on credit card debt

Before, I was throwing as much money as I possibly could to pay my credit card debt which led to me draining my checking account too easily. Instead I will be putting 15-20 dollars from each paycheck to my credit card. I narrowed down my credit card debt to around $100 which means I’m so close to paying it off.

Put anywhere between 10 – 20% in the emergency savings

I tried putting 20% of my paychecks in savings and find that’s not working with all of my bills I have to pay + having some discretionary funds to buy comics / books, go shopping or go out to eat. I’m playing around with how much to put in my savings so that I still have some left over fun money as well.

Create a Budget

I used Microsoft Excel to lay out all my bills for each month. This keeps me so organized and helped me cut some expenses I didn’t need. For example, I dropped off some of the virtual coaching I had been doing so this left me with an extra $80 a month. I also forgot about some of the extra random bills like car tabs once a year and my xbox live yearly subscription. This budget has helped me immensely into becoming organized with my paychecks.

I’m always looking for ways to save money and be financially smarter. So leave a comment below if you have any other tips / tricks with money.


8 thoughts on “Financial Tidbits I learned

  1. I don’t know if they have them in America, but in Canada we get fast food coupons in the mail, which I like to use. I know fast food is a ‘treat yo self’ kind of thing but I always feel guilty for doing so, so saving a few dollars with a coupon makes it more tolerable. 😛

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  2. This is cool. Thank you for the tips! Here in the UK I’m using an app called Monzo. It’s actually a bank, but you control your budgets, plus you can create saving pods. It’s really helpful. (But I still need to get better in saving and such…)


    • I recently opened my travel savings account and that helps me afford to go on a vacation. It also makes me more motivated to save if I know I can go somewhere soon. Plus I love going shopping so if I can carve out some disposable income for new clothes, I’m all for it.


  3. Great tips! I love your idea of using a Travel savings account because I’ve been bitten by the travel bug lately and want to go on some adventures in the future. 🙂


    • I have a savings account that’s my “emergency” money. In case I go to the hospital, get in a car accident, have car problems etc. I have something to support me. The travel savings account is important to help afford vacations without dipping into my “emergency” money.


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