Juggling Gaming & Adulting

I discovered a new gaming blog I’m reading titled The Dragon’s Tea Party which combines gaming and drinking tea. There was one post I read titled Adulting and Gaming My Struggle to Do Both. This post just stuck with me because this describes my life at this exact moment. This post details their struggle with getting in the time to game when their time is taken up by exercise, cooking dinner, driving home from work, and fitting in eight hours of sleep. In the back of my mind, I thought about how rewarding it would be to finally get past this part in the Last of Us I’m stuck on. I look at my PS4 on the shelf and feel so guilty for not playing it more often.

Another part about playing video games is I feel guilty for spending the time to play video games. I could have been doing laundry or meal prepping for the week instead I chose to play a virtual game. However, every time I sit down and play a level in Lego Marvel Superheroes, I feel less anxious overall. Nothing is better than beating up supervillains with a Lego Hulk am I right?

Luckily, I have been able to play more video games recently. I just carve out the time to do so. During the week, I often limit my time to play video games to an hour. If I have too much screen time before going to bed, I won’t be able to sleep. One hour is the perfect amount of time to get past a level or at least earn an achievement or two. On the weekends I’m less strict because I have more time, still I will set a timer that goes off every two hours.

I need to stop feeling guilty about not being able to game one day. I also don’t want to be hard on myself by saying “Why am I gaming when I could be doing other things”. Gaming is like any other hobby and I don’t get why there’s this stigma about gaming and being lazy. The Last of Us will be completed eventually along with the Uncharted trilogy. Since I just got a PS4, let me know of other video game recommendations in the comments. Also, check out The Dragon’s Tea Party, it’s my new favorite gaming blog.

4 thoughts on “Juggling Gaming & Adulting

  1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like reading my blog!
    I didn’t realise how many people would relate to that post when I wrote it and it felt so good knowing that it wasn’t just me with the problem, it seemed like everyone else could fit in their gaming time effortlessly and made me think I may need to give up my other hobbies if I wanted to focus on it more but in reality most people actually felt the same. Since I wrote that post I have actually felt so much better, I don’t feel guilty any more (much). I try and get anything that needs to be done out of the way first thing and then if I want to game I can. I also made a list of things that I want to do and things that I need to do and the ‘need’ list was surprisingly short so once I did all of that I didn’t have the sort of “I could be sewing instead!” because that was on my ‘want’ rather than ‘need’ list.

    I did try the time limit technique before but I get too caught in the “I’ll just finish this mission…” thing.


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