New Kitty, Trips + more! Welcome 2018

Happy New Year! I decided this year I wasn’t going to make a resolutions post like I have written in the past. I feel 2018 will be a great year because of how happy I am with my life right now. I’m lucky to have a job in the field I went to college for, I live in an area I enjoy and I’m grateful for the healthy relationships I have with my family, my boyfriend, and my friends. I have a couple exciting trips/news for this year already and I’m just giddy about what the future holds for me. I wanted to jump in and talk about what I’m excited for:

New Cat

[Image is a brown. black, and gray tabby cat. The cat is looking at the camera. Her paw is outstretched and she's sitting in a bed. It's clear the kitty is in a cage of sorts]
Athena our new kitty!

This isn’t “official” yet. We have filled out the paperwork and now we are waiting for the adoption center to call our apartment building. Ever since moving out, I have been bothering my boyfriend about a cat for our place. Cats are low-maintenance and are loving creatures. Our kitty is named Athena and she’s a 5-year-old female tabby. She needs to be the only kitty in the household, unfortunately, so we probably will only have her for quite some time. I’m thrilled to be a cat mom and to have a cat welcome me as I come home from work.

Planet Comic Con

I already wrote a blog post about this, but I feel like this will be a fun trip. I haven’t done a convention out of state before, so this is all going to be new for me. Plus the months of January – March are boring for me it will be nice to have something fun planned in that time frame.


My friend proposed a trip to NYC sometime in March and my family hasn’t stopped talking about going to Seattle. Hopefully this year I can explore new places and take loads of pictures. I’m a typical tourist whenever I see something new.

Playing my PS4

Normally, I don’t go Black Friday shopping, but I was scrolling through Facebook and saw Gamestop’s sale of a PS4 for $250. I couldn’t pass it up, so after work I went to the store and purchased it. I’m currently playing Sexy Brutale which is a murder/puzzle mystery, but I also have Last of Us, Uncharted, and more PS4 games to play. I was hoping after the holiday season I would be less busy so I could play more video games during the harsh winter.

I could go on and on about how happy I am right now. Here’s to a Happy Healthy 2018.

17 thoughts on “New Kitty, Trips + more! Welcome 2018

  1. I have to ask, as you don’t take a cat out for walkies, how will you cope living in an apartment? I’d love a cat but can’t figure a way around it. My mate had a night cat who she let out when she went to bed and a house cat who didn’t like weather – any weather lol


    • The rescue place actually recommends that the cat we adopted be indoor only. There is a dog park near our apartment and when the weather isn’t 30 degrees here, I want to buy a cat harness and take her outside in the park. A lot of the cats that are rescued have had harsh backgrounds where they were living on the street and the rescue place doesn’t want to send a cat off with an owner who will let the cat out for long periods of time.

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