November Small Goals

Happy Friday! As I sit typing away writing up my goals for this month, snow is steadily falling onto the grass and coating the tree branches. It looks like Narnia outside my window and to be honest, I’m enjoying the snow. October has been one hell of a busy month, but one to remember. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is already in three weeks,  this year has been flying by. Let’s recap the wonderful fall month that was October:

Watch the Classic Horror Movies – NOPE 

Me and the boyfriend were planning on watching the classic films, but I ended up participating in a Call of Cthulhu D&D session on Halloween instead. Eventually, I will sit down and have a marathon of these movies.

Yoga Once Per Week – Sort of. 

I usually would plan my yoga days to be on Monday because that’s when I work my 12-hour shift, but sometimes I’m just too tired from work so I come home and crash. Yoga is important to me, so I need to make it a priority every week.

Participate in D&D Sessions – SUCCESS 

As I mentioned, I did play D&D this past month. I was super excited I was able to fit it into my schedule. It ended up being a great time and my character found an old saxophone in the asylum which I would beat people with, it worked out well.

Carve a Pumpkin – Nope 😦 

Unfortunately, this fall activity slipped by me. Maybe next year.

Plan a Trip with the Family – SUCCESS 

I think we all decided to travel to Arizona in February of 2018? It’s not confirmed, but my mom used to have a friend who lived there and she says it’s gorgeous up by the grand canyon. By February, I’m done with Minnesota’s winter which means Arizona would be much needed.

Now onto November’s goals:

Read before bed on most nights (around 5 – 10 minutes)

Reading helps me fall asleep and stay asleep at night. Plus I have piles of books to read, and I’m behind on getting through that pile.

Buy kitty/pet supplies

Me and the boyfriend are starting the process of getting a cat for the apartment. We finished saving for the down deposit required by our apartment building, and now we need pet supplies. I am hoping for sure by December we will have a cat roaming our apartment.

Yoga Once Per Week

I decided to set fewer goals this month so I could put my attention on reading more before bed, saving for a cute kitty, and making time for yoga.

8 thoughts on “November Small Goals

  1. I found having a cat was such a calming influence and it also taught me to do things in my own time, not as soon as people want you to, exactly like the cat did lol I’d probably end up accidentally slicing a finger off trying to carve a pumpkin, although that would also be Halloween appropriate I guess! You are so lucky to get proper snow that actually sticks, rather than melting on the ground, although I can imagine the novelty would wear off after a few months. Arizona sounds fab!


    • I love having a cat. Having any animal is a great stress release for me and it helps welcome me home after a longer day at work. Haha it’s funny you mention that because our snow has already melted. I hope Arizona works out! I am always looking for an excuse to travel to somewhere new.

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  2. Best of luck with your November goals! I too need to get back into a yoga routine. My morning schedule has gotten all shifted with my partner working a lot of overtime and my yoga practice has definitely suffered! Also, yay for getting a kitty!!


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