Harvest Festival + Upcoming Chicago Trip!

October has been one of the first months where I have had plans every single weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to be busy, but I have been craving some down time. This past weekend I went to a Harvest festival in Stillwater, MN which is a gorgeous river town. This next weekend from Thursday – Sunday I will be in Chicago visiting a friend from college. Hopefully after Chicago, I should have a couple slow weekends until Thanksgiving. I wanted to share pictures from the Harvest Fest and talk about how excited I am to go to Chicago again.

Stillwater is right along the St. Croix river on the border of Wisconsin. It’s a bright river town away from Minneapolis & St. Paul. There were a couple activities such as the beer tent, but we didn’t participate in those. Instead, we walked around the town and explored. There’s a candy shoppe which was filled with chocolate goodies and I ended up purchasing a dark chocolate covered oreo. Nearby was a small bookstore attached to a coffee shop. I did end up buying some books which I know I didn’t need, but I cannot resist a cute bookstore. It turned out to be a perfect Fall date day. The pictures below are from Teddy Bear park which has life size statues of bears for kids. Me and the boyfriend wanted to check it out.

IMG_3205Teddy Bear Park

I have only been to Chicago once and that was back in July 2016 on my birthday. My former roommate from college is from Illinois and is living near the downtown area. We coordinated a weekend where I could drive to stay with her. It’s about a 6 1/2 – 7 hour drive from my apartment to Chicago which seems long, but I would rather drive that distance than pay 180 – 200 dollars to fly for a 45 minute flight. I already have my podcast episodes picked out for the drive and I’m looking forward to a smaller vacation away from my daily work routine with 2 days of paid time off. I am counting down the days till my tiny road trip.

Millenium Park 4Willis Tower 13

So that sums up what I have been up to and why I haven’t been blogging as much. I try not to let myself get frustrated if I hit a writer’s block or I become busy. My blog will be here when I’m done with mini vacations or I have a short 30 minute window to write about what’s on my mind.


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