Overcooked; the Cuter and more Cartoony Diner Dash

This gaming review is late to my blog because I beat Overcooked way back in April with the boyfriend. I kept shelving or saving this draft and writing about other topics that randomly popped into my head. I felt it was time to carve time to talk about Overcooked and how adorable this game is. Any game that gets me and my boyfriend to team up is worth playing.

Lava level in Overcooked

Remember in 2004 when Diner Dash became popular and it was an instant hit? Overcooked has a similar concept, but you play as cartoon chefs. There are recipes that pop up on the screen and you work with a partner to cook/steam/plate foods. Levels get complicated, me and the boyfriend struggled through the icy levels since you’re character is slipping on the ice and falling into the river. . . oops.

River Level in Overcooked

Overcooked tells the story of the Onion Kingdom that’s currently controlled by an evil entity. To defeat him, you have to feed him on time before he gets hangry. I mean I feel this hangry beast because being hangry sucks and would make anyone want to devour a kingdom. While playing the game, you unlock cartoon characters to play as. I loved the orange cat chef and didn’t play with any other characters.

Overcooked is such a fun, challenging and short game to play. It’s playable on Xbox One, PS4 since 2016 and a Nintendo Switch version should be available now or sometime this year. For all the Xbox players, achievements are easy to earn in this game and everyone needs a boost in their gamer score.


14 thoughts on “Overcooked; the Cuter and more Cartoony Diner Dash

  1. I do like cooperative games…though I do not have any systems that would run this. I can see this being quite fun for an afternoon’s entertainment, which I guess is what it is intended for, though I am not sure I would play it loads in the long term. If it comes out on steam and is reasonable I will give it a look.


  2. Hi Mariah,

    I’m from the China Women’s Film Festival, I was wondering if I could talk to you about a competition that we are running?


  3. Hmmm…this looks cute and interesting. I wonder if my boyfriend would get into it at all. We’re always looks for new local co-ops to play on our Xbox. They just don’t make many these days, sadly.


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