Road Trip / Back to Blogging

Today marks the morning after getting home from my epic U.S. road trip. For the past two weeks, I have been taking my new car around the U.S. on a long road trip. This road trip meant a lot to me because I made new memories and saw a new part of the U.S. Chattanooga, TN was one of my favorite cities I visited and I highly recommend traveling there this summer. The idea to take this road trip came to me because I wanted to go somewhere as a reward for graduating from college. I could have gone overseas, but my philosophy is there is so much to see in the country I was born in.

I’m happy to announce my return to blogging with some book reviews, comic reviews even some gaming-themed articles hopefully. I have a new goal with my blog to write when I want so blogging doesn’t become a chore. I wanted to leave a couple pictures of my trip, but if you’re looking for more definitely follow my Instagram account: Bizarrebrunette0117.

[Image shows a town sign, "Chattanooga" in big bold silver letters.]
[Image shows me, my mom and my brother sitting on a bench in a garden in Kansas City, MO]
[Image shows a wooden pillared Gazebo. Image taken in Kansas City]
[Image is a huge Superman statue with Superman having his hands on his hips. I'm posing near the Superman statue with hands on my hips]
[Image shows the Smokey mountains in Georgia]

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