Logan (2017)

[Image is a movie poster for Logan. It shows a sunrise in the background with a man with claws walking toward the image. At the bottom left, it says March 3rd"

Last weekend the boyfriend came back home after visiting his parents all week. Once we were back, me and the boyfriend went out on a date night and saw Logan. To prepare for Logan, we have been rewatching all the X-Men movies in chronological order. Surprisingly, the X-Men are the group of superheroes I know the least about. For someone who doesn’t know a lot about X-Men/Wolverine, I enjoyed the grittier take on Wolverine’s story.

Logan (played again by Hugh Jackman) is aging as his healing factor is failing him. As he takes care of Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart), Logan is asked to help escort Laura (played by Dafne Keen) to safety. Logan is astounded when he sees that Laura displays similar powers and it’s confirmed by Xavier that Laura was created from Logan’s DNA. Logan feels personally responsible for Laura and dedicates himself to making sure she’s safe.

For an R-Rated Wolverine movie, this does feel more violent than the other movies that Wolverine is a part of. I wouldn’t equate it to Deadpool as I do think Deadpool is more gory and inappropriate. Hugh Jackman doesn’t disappoint as he embodies Logan and the tragedies that he carries with him. Without spoilers, I do think this is a fitting ending to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the character.

Logan was a loving tribute to Hugh Jackman who played this role for almost two decades. I’m curious as to whether or not Laura will take over the franchise and how this movie will relate to the other X-Men movies.

16 thoughts on “Logan (2017)

  1. Awesome! I hear the movie is really good so I’m planning to watch it soon. Boyfriend wanted to go Saturday but I was feeling under the weather. I’m very excited about this weekend though because Beauty and the Beast is releasing! Thank you for the thoughts!

    -Luna 🙂


  2. Logan really was epic! My favorite Marvel movie to date! It was gritty, and rough, and everything I expected it to be.
    I can’t attest to the accuracy personally, as I’ve never read the comics, but I have enough comic loving friends who enjoyed the movie to say it probably doesn’t matter. All movies take a little, and in this case I think Logan gives a lot in return.


  3. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I wasnt to go to the cinema asap. I’ve grown up with the X-men xDDDD So, this is the last movie I need to watch from them :p I know that it’s based on Old Man Logan (comics) so I’m warned about Logan’s goodbye. (I haven’t read beyond the spoilers notice 😉 )


  4. Still haven’t seen this movie but have heard good things, which is definitely a plus given the first 2 movies were poor (which was a shame). Admittedly I skipped the second half of your blog to avoid spoilers.


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