Bye Bertha; Preview of my New Car

My Minivan Bertha!

In 2012, I passed my driving test at age 17. The car that I took the driving test in was a 2000 Ford Windstar Minivan. When I drove to college, a couple friends thought the name Bertha fit the car. Bertha became my car and I drove her everywhere. On the 28th, I traded in Bertha for my 2016 Subaru Forester.

As I drive my new car, I realize that this is the right decision for me. Two weeks ago, I drove Bertha home for winter break. I heard a strange rattling noise coming from the hood of my car. I was at the point where I knew I needed a new car but wasn’t planning on upgrading my car until next May after I graduate college. However, I decided that I wasn’t willing to put hundreds of dollars into a car that would be replaced soon.

On Friday, me and my mom drove to the dealership to pursue new cars. The car I ended up test-driving was the 2016 Jasmine Green Subaru Forester. Driving the Forester was easy and pressing the gas didn’t require so much effort. I have never been a car person really, but this car was amazing. Me and my mom ended up purchasing the vehicle that I drove.

Before I went back to school, I picked up my new car while also dropping off Bertha for a trade-in. The Forester has heated seats so my butt is cozy in the cold winter. There are also heated seats in the passenger seat too. Also, this car has way better gas mileage than my other car. All I can think about now is when I can go on a road trip with my new car.

I’m grateful to have been able to drive Bertha. I now have experience in driving a bigger vehicle so moving to a smaller car makes it easier to drive. It’s going to be sucky to have a car payment, but my car needed so many repairs that I just couldn’t afford it anymore. I cannot wait for all the new memories to be had in my car. It’s time to welcome Ripley Rey, into my life. She’s a beauty.

New Car.jpg
I named my Subaru Ripley Rey

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