Recommending My Source for Comics & Games

My winter break has been lively so far. Sadly, I haven’t been soaking up the sun on a beach in a warm vacation, but I have been in touch with the Twin Cities geek community. Last Saturday I visited the Source Comics & Games for the first time and I was blown away. The Source is gigantic, organized with a welcoming atmosphere.


Source Comics And Games.jpg

As a thrifty shopper, I drove to The Source for their holiday jubilee sale. Sales are one thing, but having local creators and illustrators table at the event is an additional incentive to stop by. Twin Cities Geek *TCG* whom I also write for was tabling at the sale too. After the half hour snowy drive to get there, I pulled up to the parking lot and found it was full. Near the parking lot, a police officer was directing traffic which I wasn’t expecting. I was impressed that so many people showed up to support a smaller business. As I noted earlier, the Source is a big place to browse because of the endless rows of comic books. Funko figures and action figures were appropriately placed above the shelves while underneath were racks of hardcover D&D books.


image by Chance Wyatt Oberlander. 

In between mingling with other geeks, I was approached by Chance Wyatt Oberlander. Chance creates his own unique graphic novels and luckily I was able to review one for TCG. He approached me and handed me two copies of his books. He said that he really appreciated the article I wrote and this was a thank you. I was astounded, but quickly elated because I can re-read Census and read his other novel, Moving Bodies. Chance is an upbeat and friendly person and you really should check out his work at the link above.

Once I get paid in a week, the Source will be my new place for pursuing comics. The huge selection is promising as I’m behind on many issues. The only bummer about the Source is the commute. Obviously that’s not their fault, but it’s about a half hour drive or more in traffic. I left early because it started to snow and I’m glad I did considering I was stuck in traffic. Despite traffic, The Source is worth the drive and I’m looking forward to my next visit.



12 thoughts on “Recommending My Source for Comics & Games

  1. I had no idea you were a fellow Twin Cities dweller 🙂 I LOVE the source and can’t recommend it enough. Are you already a member of Geek Girl Brunch Twin Cities? I’m one of the chairwomen and we’re on


  2. It’s so awesome to have such a cool comic store nearby. Being in Houston we thankfully have a few very cool comic and gaming shops and I really appreciate it. I’ll definitely check out some of Chance’s work, I’m always on the lookout for something new to read.


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