Arkham Knight *final thoughts*

Scrolling through the gaming section on my blog, I was shocked to see that I hadn’t written a gaming-themed article since August! Due to a lack of time from working on weekends, to studying Mechanical Kinesiology notes, I haven’t been gaming nearly as much as I used to. I attempt to set aside two hours to just game and not do anything productive. Nonetheless, I game when I can and a couple weekends ago I finally beat Batman Arkham Knight. Here are my initial thoughts about the story.

The Return of Oracle


Barbara Gordon lives!! YAY 🙂 A couple weeks ago, I posted about Barbara and how her death angered me. Turns out that she didn’t die in the first place, so I had to edit my Barbara blog post.. how embarrassing. Anyway, I was glad she had a major role in the finale at the GCPD. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the game, to be honest. If there is another Batman game, I really want Barbara to have a bigger role.

The Robin Family

Nightwing is probably one of my favorite comic book heroes of all time. Does anyone else have a crush on Dick Grayson? No? Just me?

The Batmobile 

The battle mode in the Batmobile feels like Grand Theft Auto in Gotham and I love it. There is a side quest where you have to take out a bunch of tanks while also safely disarming bombs and it’s so much fun. I’m actually a horrible driver when I play video games so I constantly kept crashing into things.

While I finished the game, I’m that gamer who wants to complete everything in a game! After I fly around Gotham and finish most of the side quests, I will feel like I finally restored Gotham to a place of solace.

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