Arkham Knight *final thoughts*

Scrolling through my gaming section on my blog, I was shocked to see that I hadn’t written a gaming themed article since August! Due to lack of time from working on weekends, to studying Mechanical Kinesiology notes, I haven’t been gaming nearly as much as I used to. I attempt to set aside 2 hours to just game and not do anything productive. Nonetheless, I game when I can and a couple weekends ago I finally beat Batman Arkham Knight. Here are my initial geeky girl gamer thoughts about the story.

The Return of Oracle


Barbara Gordon lives!! YAY 🙂 A couple weeks ago, I had posted about Barbara and how her death angered me. Turns out that she didn’t die in the first place, so I had to edit my Barbara blog post.. how embarrassing. Anyway, I was glad she had a major role in the finale at the GCPD. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the game to be honest. If there is another Batman game, I really want Barbara to have a bigger role.

The Robin Family

The Robin Family.jpg

Nightwing is bae. 🙂 He’s probably one of my favorite comic book heroes of all time. Does anyone else have a crush on Dick Grayson? No? Just me? Also Tim Drake was pretty great too.

Grand Theft Auto assisted by the Batmobile 


The battle mode in the Batmobile feels like Grand Theft Auto in Gotham and I love it. There is a side quest where you have to take out a bunch of tanks while also safely disarming bombs and it’s a riot. I’m actually a horrible driver when I play video games so I constantly kept crashing into things.

Other initial thoughts that I had included why Poison Ivy had to die? I wasn’t a huge fan of that. Also I liked that Harley Quinn appeared in the game, but I felt that her part was more to provide back story to Jason Todd than to further the game’s plot. I think she would have been better as a side quest. Unfortunately, I’m that gamer who wants to complete everything in a game! After I fly around Gotham and finish most of the side quests, I will feel like I finally restored Gotham to a place of solace.

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