Sex Criminals, Zodiac Star Force + More *haul*

Since working a lot this summer, I have had some disposable income. I tend to use that more on graphic novels and books than anything else. I decided to stock up for the school year because I don’t know how many hours I will be working. Plus I have to pay for rent, food, and more adult things that are super boring. I wanted to share my haul on my blog and I’ll eventually post reviews when I finish everything.

Comic Book Haul.jpg

Zodiac StarForce 

I wanted to read this for a variety of reasons: diversity in the characters including body type and how much it reminded me of Sailor Moon. I’m currently reading this and I love the storyline and the characters. I also love the bright colors on each page. I definitely recommend this if you’re looking for something like Sailor Moon.

Sex Criminals Volume 2

I read the first volume of Sex Criminals and my discussion can be found here. I liked the first volume aside from some sex-shaming incidents. I was told that it gets better so I decided to read the other volume. I found this one for only $8 at a book store so I figured it was worth the price.

Rat Queens Volume 1 

I have heard so many good things about Rat Queens. I feel like I’m missing out on not reading this. I found it for only $5 *what a score!!!!* I can’t wait to read this one too.

DC Rebirth: Suicide Squad 

I usually don’t buy individual comics. However, DC’s Rebirth just came out so I’m starting at the very beginning. This seems to take the characters from the Suicide Squad movie and give them more purpose. I just finished it yesterday and I really liked it. I’m hoping to keep up on this series.

I was also disappointed because I wanted to see if my comic book store had the first edition of Snot Girl and they didn’t! I may go back next week to see if they have any more in stock.



8 thoughts on “Sex Criminals, Zodiac Star Force + More *haul*

  1. I love Sex Criminals! It’s the one book I’ve stuck with since it launched. I’ve heard interesting things about Snotgirl and might need to check it out.


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