Here Kitty Kitty Board Game Review

Last week, I visited River Quest randomly after I got off work. I was feeling frustrated with college and life in general, so it was nice to procrastinate for an hour or so. River Quest’s board game of the week was called Here Kitty Kitty which is about collecting cats. Of course, I wanted to play this game so we broke it out and played one round.

This is the scorecard of the game. The goal is to move the kitties to your house because you get more points that way. However, there are cards in this game that can cause some ruckus which include stealing cats, passing cats to your neighbor’s house, and preventing people from stealing your cats. After all the cards have been used, the game ends and the score is totaled. The one with the highest score wins.

Here Kitty Kitty Game.jpg

The cats remain in the center and you can take a cat and add it to your board. Each turn consists of two actions. This includes taking a cat and placing it in your yard, moving a cat from the yard to the porch, or moving it into the house. Also playing a card counts as one action so it’s important to plan each turn effectively!

Here Kitty Kitty Game 2.jpg

This is the rule card below. You can also plan out which color of cats are on your property. So getting all grey cats or all black cats will earn you more points.

Here Kitty Kitty Game 4

Being the cat lover I am, I liked this game. I liked that it was simple to learn, but also was over quick. Sometimes longer board games make me lose my attention span, but this one was perfect. If you are a cat lady like myself, this game must be in your closet.

14 thoughts on “Here Kitty Kitty Board Game Review

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  2. Really loved this review! Hadn’t heard of the game but definitely going to be on the look out for it next time I hit up a board game store. Might I make a suggestion? Maybe linking to the game from the publisher’s site (or boardgamegeek’s entry of it) would be good so readers can just click and either learn more or buy for it, than having to google search. Since you love cats, another cute game (though may be harder to find?) would be KittenWar (! It’s simple but cute.


  3. This sounds amazing!! I’m definitely a crazy cat lady, so this would be well played in my household, haha. I love that it’s kind of like Neko Atsume in tabletop form! Kind of, but not completely:P

    By the way, I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog! If that kind of post isn’t really your thing, no pressure! Just wanted to send a little love your way<3


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