Team Batman OOTD

I’m so happy to announce my first OOTD blog post! I want to give a shoutout to my amazing and talented photographer roommate. She takes gorgeous photos. I have linked her Facebook page and her Instagram page down below so check it out! Even if you aren’t from the Minnesota area, she takes great photos to peruse. 

Anyway, this inspiration comes from the fact that Batman Vs. Superman opened this weekend. I have seen the movie and I don’t think it’s as bad as everyone makes it out to be. I hope to post my review eventually. I love these Batman leggings that I found. They are so comfy and they aren’t made out of spandex. Spandex leggings aren’t typically my favorite since they cling to my body. These leggings are mostly made of polyester and so they are more appropriate for lounging. 

My second favorite part of this outfit is my combat boots. When I consider my style identity, it doesn’t include heels. I work out often so it’s more beneficial to me to be in sneakers versus heels or sandals.

I absolutely love these pictures and don’t forget to check out my friend’s page.

Chloe Jane Photography Instagram: @ChloeJanePhotography

Yellow Tank Top: American Eagle

Batman Leggings: H&M

Black Cardigan: Target (boyfriend cardigan)

Combat Boots: Madden Girl Combat Boots.

Batman Banana Pants Photoshoot 3.25.16 2
Batman Banana Pants Photoshoot 3.25.16 3
Batman Banana Pants Photoshoot 3.25.16 4
Batman Banana Pants Photoshoot 3.25.16 5
Batman Banana Pants Photoshoot 3.25.16

9 thoughts on “Team Batman OOTD

  1. Love an OOTD post!! This is great outfit looks cute and comfy. Perfect combination in my opinion!! Looking forward to more. Lucky you having a willing photographer!! I have my trusty selfie stick!! 😉


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