The Current: Gaming, Reading & Watching.

In between studying for finals, various projects and just balancing being a college student, I have found time to keep up with my television shows, reading books & gaming. Here’s a short little blurb at what I have been doing in my free time.

Games: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

I will be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I tried to watch the first episode, but then I couldn’t watch as the horse was torn apart by zombies. So when I first heard about this game, I didn’t actually play it because I figured I wouldn’t like it. I started it from a recommendation I received and I really enjoy it. The choices you have to make in the game are really tough. Since it also gives you a select amount of time to make the choice, you have to think fast. The choices you make really change the game. It also shows how many people who played the game made the same choice you did. This is an awesome game and I will post a review when I get through all the episodes.

TV: The Flash, Arrow and Super Girl

Of course this should be no surprise as this is all superhero TV series. I talked about my TV shows that I’m absolutely addicted too and some of these were discussed in that post. However, I really hate Scream Queens now. I don’t find it interesting anymore, and now that Halloween is over, I lost my desire into keeping up with this show. If anything, I’ll look at Wikipedia to read what happens in this season. It’s too bad, because I thought this show would be better.

Reading: Steelheart


This book is absolutely amazing and it’s so intense at some parts of the book. I’m about halfway through and I feel like I need to purchase the sequel so I can keep going in the series. This book reads exactly like a superhero comic to me and it really examines how if normal people were to receive super powers what would happen. This kind of reminds me of a real world, post-apocalyptic X-Men only without Charles Xavier and the good mutants. I can’t wait to finish this book and a review will go on the blog asap.

What are you reading, gaming or watching lately?

8 thoughts on “The Current: Gaming, Reading & Watching.

  1. I love games that incorporate decision making! I played the first 3 or 4 episodes of The Wolf Among Us and it had similar features. It gave me x-amount of time to make a decision and some decisions were more important than others. Sometimes I’ll do something and in the corner it says “Snow will remember this.” Love that I’ll be able to re-play the episodes and get a different game/story.

    Also, I didn’t even give Scream Queens a shot. I was interested in it for like an hour but then all of my PoC horror fans said the show was really white-washed and subtly racist so I took a pass.

    Can I ask what you’re studying in college? 🙂


    • ^ Yeah it’s racist, sexist, discriminating against fat people. It’s bleh.. I mean I used to like it but now it annoys me.

      Exercise Science! I’m considering starting a healthy/exercise section on my blog soon? 🙂


      • That would be a cool section! I’d be interested to see what you write about! I’m a runner but I don’t think I could write much about it. “I ran until my knees hurt” is about all I could do lol!


  2. I really need to check out that game. I’m currently reading the Harry Potter series (yay!) and obsessed with watching Gotham.


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