Life Lately: Happy Halloween

I absolutely 100% love Halloween. I know many people who detest this holiday, but it’s my favorite. Of course, to have an awesome Halloween, you have to spend it with people who love the holiday as much as you do. This led me to go home and hang out with my family and one of my good friends for the entire weekend. Friday, I just stayed at home watching movies with my mom. Having a glass of wine and watching movies is a nice way to spend a night at home.

Saturday rolled around and I was already planning my Halloween night. I went down to my friend’s apartment. She’s currently attending the University of Minnesota and her apartment is essentially in the middle of everything. Dinkytown is right around the corner and we knew that’s where we wanted to be. After getting dinner at The Republic on Cedar Ave, we got changed into our costumes for Halloween. I ended up wearing this Spiderman corset that I borrowed for a second time from my friend. It was fun seeing everyone in costumes and having a great time after the Gopher game. I met some cool people including a guy dressed as someone from NASA, Chewbacca & Star Wars crew, and Step Brothers.

Overall it was a very fun adventure in a city I love. It was great to catch up with friends & family and it was necessary to relax this weekend. I will have to catch up on homework this entire week, but it was so worth it to have a much-needed break. Happy Belated Halloween everyone!

Halloween 12
Hallowen 13
Halloween Night 4
Halloween Night 2
Halloween Night 3
Halloween Night 12

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