Life Lately: First Week of the Winona Summer

Living in Winona for the summer has been fun. Last weekend, we had a bonfire along the Mississippi River. In Winona, there is a bridge across the Mississippi separating Wisconsin from Minnesota. On the Wisconsin side of the river, there is a beach with a bonfire pit. Bonfires are awesome because it’s a chance to catch up with friends and make smores and relax.

The weather has been pretty mixed. Some days it rains for an hour and then it’s sunny for fifteen minutes followed by more rain. On Sunday, I was able to walk around the big lake in Winona. Winona has two lakes separated by the main road into the town. The bigger lake is around 3.2 miles and it’s my favorite lake to walk. I took some pictures because it was breathtaking. The clouds were a dark grey color and the sun was setting and reflecting off of the trees.

No matter how long I have lived in Winona, its beauty never fails to amaze me. Before living in Winona, I could never imagine myself living in a smaller town. However, Winona has really changed my view on that. Winona is gorgeous and has a great community. I cannot imagine how I will feel when I graduate and the sadness I will have when I have to leave this town.

Group Bonfire Picture
May 15th 2015 3
May 15th 2015 4
Walking in Winona 3
Walking in Winona 4
Walking in Winona

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