Doctor Who Convention!!

Last week, I bought my tickets for a Doctor Who convention in May! It’s the weekend of May 29th-31st and I could not be more excited! Each year, I usually attend one convention and that’s Convergence. This year I won’t be attending Convergence because I want to do something else on the Fourth of July weekend. So I found out about this Doctor Who convention and I bought my ticket. I am super excited to meet more Whovians like myself and to cosplay. I’m planning an Amy Pond one for sure.

Doctor Who is probably the coolest TV show ever. I got into Doctor Who last summer because I just finished finals and I wanted something new to watch. I decided on Doctor Who because I heard good things about the show. I started with Christopher Eccleston. After watching the first episode, I wasn’t sure what I thought. It’s a really weird show, but I wanted to watch a full season before I made my decision. I was entranced after the first episode. Rose became my favorite companion and I absolutely loved the episodes in Eccleston’s season. I was really sad when he left the role, but then Tennant was amazing. I am currently on the last series of Matt Smith’s run and I am really enjoying him so I will be sad when he leaves.

As for cosplaying, I plan on doing an Amy Pond cosplay. I really want to buy a red plaid shirt and draw the tally marks to represent the silence. That’s a pretty simple cosplay that I could pull off. I also have my Tardis dress that I intend to wear for one of the days of the convention. I am really excited that I will be attending a convention this summer and I will definitely post the pictures that I take.

Until then, I will finish Matt Smith’s series… GERONIMO!

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