Magers & Quinn & Boneshaker Books

My bookstore hunt around Minneapolis is complete! Throughout this exploration, I have eleven new books and five comic books in my collection. The three bookstores we traveled to include: Magers & Quinn, Book Trader, and Bone Shaker Books.

Magers & Quinn is located in the Uptown Shopping District in Minneapolis. I have been to this book store before, but it’s been a while. Upon entering the store, I immediately gravitated toward the fictional section. While shopping, I saw my Anatomy & Physiology lab professor from Winona State University! It’s refreshing having a conversation with one of my past professors especially because she still recognizes me.

I ended up buying four books because they were three or four bucks apiece! I liked this book store and I would go back.

The last place on our list was Boneshaker Books. This store is located right near the Augsburg campus in Minneapolis. The store itself is pretty tiny which I liked. My favorite part about this store is the used book section. Each book is around three-five dollars. The proceeds from the used book section go to helping to fund reading material for women in prison. The fact that the used books are cheap and go to a good cause made me want to purchase at least one book. I ended up finding two books while my roommate found four hardcover books worth around twelve dollars! I also talked with one employee who graduated from Winona State University! She and I talked about campus, past professors, and our experience. Boneshaker Books have a great atmosphere, polite employees, and interesting novels on the shelves. I definitely want to go back when I am back home over the summer.

The bookstore hunt is officially over, but this spring break has been memorable. I have so many different books to read and I am getting excited to read as I write this post. I definitely would go back to Boneshaker Books. I cannot wait for my summer to start so I can start flying through this wonderful reading material I have purchased.

Bone shaker

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