The Simpsons Tapped Out

I am not usually an app person. I mean I have an iPhone, but I don’t really have a reason to use apps. However, I was browsing the app store and came across the Simpsons Tapped Out. I am a huge fan of the Simpsons! I always have been. I downloaded this app and I was surprised at how addicting it is!

When you first download the app, it shows Homer playing on his “myPad” when he is at work at the nuclear power plant. A nuclear detonation ensues and you have to rebuild Springfield any way you like. It’s basically like Farmville almost but Simpsons edition.

What I love about the app is all the constant updates so this app never gets really old. The new update that came out is all comic themed and it is very fun. Also, it connects to Facebook so I added a couple of my friends to the game. You can visit their Springfield towns and vandalize their buildings for friendship XP. I love vandalizing my boyfriend’s buildings in the game.

This is the perfect app for any Simpsons fan. It’s addicting and if you download the app, you should let me know so we can be friends! The Simpsons are easily one of the funniest animated cartoon shows on television and I will forever be a Simpsons fan. One day I will sit and do the ultimate binge-watching challenge of watching every single Simpsons episode in existence. For now, the app will have to do.


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