Meet Cute Club – A Gay Romance at a Book Club

I’m trying to broaden my horizon regarding the books I read. Almost all of my romances have been m/f not because that’s what I necessarily enjoy reading, but it’s the most common type of romance. After browsing through Goodreads, I stumbled upon Meet Cute Club, a gay romance with a Southern small-town setting. While I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, I do like to save my romance TBR for February. Meet Cute Club was a short, gay romance with an added discussion of masculinity.

Jordan Collins adores romance books! He runs the Meet Cute Club where everyone sits and has baked goods and discusses romance books. As he’s shopping for books, he meets Rex Bailey who’s snarky and doesn’t understand Jordan’s passion for reading romance novels. Rex surprisingly shows up at Meet Cute Club and begins to help Jordan grow the club. Romance and a steamy hookup ensue leaving Jordan and Rex in a daze about whether they belong together.

As far as the actual romance, Jordan and Rex are perfect together! I was rooting for them as I think they balance each other out. Jordan is passionate about his love for romance and breaks down Rex’s hard exterior. Rex grew up from a tumultuous family background with his philandering father which causes him to be a bit stubborn about the idea of love. I thought these two had great chemistry together.

Meet Cute Club centers upon Jordan and Rex’s relationship along with a dialogue regarding masculinity. In some ways, Jordan defies masculine stereotypes and has been bullied. Jordan felt pressure at a young age to sign up for sports even though all Jordan wanted was to read romance. Although Rex appears as the “stereotypical masculine man”, but even he abandoned some of this to show Jordan that he loved him. I thought at the core of this story was this discussion of masculinity and how men don’t have as much freedom to explore various hobbies or interests that women do.

I thought the writing of this book was a bit jarring. The author tends to change the POV in the same paragraph. I ended up having to re-read sections of the book because I was confused as to what POV was being referenced. I wish there was more separation between Jordan and Rex with a page break than switching between them in the same paragraph. Besides the writing, Meet Cute Club is a short book. At only 229 pages, I wish it would have been longer. The “fight” that caused Jordan and Rex to break up felt abrupt as it seemed like they were doing well until they weren’t. I wish there was more build-up there. I like my romance books to have more build-up, so when the central couple fights, it feels gut-wrenching. Since this book was shorter, I didn’t have any time to feel upset that they broke up before they got back together.

Meet Cute Club was a jovial read as I was genuinely rooting for Jordan and Rex to get together. However, the way this book was written and the length of the book hindered my reading experience. I’m hesitant to continue in the series as I’m still unsure if I’m a fan of the author’s writing style. I rated Meet Cute Club as 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 on Goodreads.

Harley Quinn – Animated Series

With the discontinuation of DC Universe, HBO Max has collected all the DC content and is now available to stream. As a DC fan, I prefer the DC animated series to the live-action movies. As someone who was disappointed by Wonder Woman 1984, I wanted to watch a DC title with promise. One series that has been highly rated was the Harley Quinn animated series. This series centers on Harley Quinn getting away from the Joker and building a strong friendship with Poison Ivy. I loved every minute of this show! It’s raunchy, hilarious, gory, and showcases Harley as being the complex villain that she is.

In the first season, Harley (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) finally dumps Joker and tries to establish her credit as a villain. Always living in Joker’s shadow, Harley creates her supervillain team consisting of Poison Ivy (voiced by Lake Bell), Clayface, Doctor Psycho, King Shark, and Sy Borgman. As Harley performs more villainous acts, she’s invited to join the Legion of Doom which infuriates Joker. Throughout the season, Harley has to reckon with how Joker treated her and how her life can’t solely be about getting back at him. She needs to move on and her team helps her do this.

At the heart of this show is Harley Quinn’s friendship with Poison Ivy. In the comics, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy end up in a romantic relationship. The show develops this as a slow burn with the season #2 finale leading into Harley and Poison Ivy confessing their feelings for each other. Harley needs Poison Ivy as she tells Harley the truth. The Joker doesn’t love her and she deserves better. Poison Ivy needs Harley in season #2 to help her realize she’s getting married to the wrong person. Their friendship is fun to watch.

This show is hilarious! The witty one-liners and subtle references to pop culture are well written. Any show that can make me laugh until I cry is much needed during this time. Watching Harley Quinn provided an outlet to get away from the fact that I’m living through a pandemic. Adding to the comical relief was the way the villains were given personalities. King Shark is a big shark teddy bear. Clayface loves theater and improv, and Doctor Psycho called Wonder Woman a slur which led to him getting kicked out of the Legion of Doom. It’s the hypocrisy of using a slur that gets Doctor Psycho banned even though the Legion kill people regularly.

While DC’s film universe has been mediocre, their animated series is a huge hit. Harley Quinn is no exception. With only two seasons, it won’t take long to finish the series. The Harley Quinn animated series can be streamed on HBO Max.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

In 2018, I played Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 and it was amazing. Swinging through NYC as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man allowed me to relive my previous vacation to the Big Apple. Superhero games can be great or terrible and I’m happy Marvel’s Spider-Man was the former. Once it was announced that Miles Morales would be featured in his own game, I knew I would play it as soon as it was released. My fiance bought my copy for me as a Christmas present and I installed it right away. This past weekend I finally finished the story, 100% all of the districts, and unlocked all the trophies I wanted to unlock. Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales was a genuinely fun gaming experience although I felt Miles didn’t get the same treatment as Peter Parker did.

Miles is on winter break which gives him time to finish his homework and train under Peter. Peter has to leave town for a while allowing Miles to be the main Spider-Man. Miles begins investigating Roxxon after a group called the Underground breaks into the main facility. Miles finds evidence that Roxxon’s energy invention, Nuform might be making people sick. Miles out of the goodness of his heart wants to bring Roxxon to justice, while the Underground wants to exact revenge and make them pay for their mistake. Miles is torn as he finds a personal connection to the Underground. Relatively inexperienced, Miles struggles with right and wrong while hiding his identity from his family.

The gameplay in Spider-Man Miles Morales is the same as the 2018 game. Why change a system that isn’t broken? One unique difference between Miles and Peter is Mile’s “Venom Blast” which is a bioelectrical charge that Miles can build up and blast enemies with. It’s extremely useful in combat situations and can be used to heal Miles if needed. The Venom punch is what I used most often in combat situations and helps push back powerful enemies.

I loved completing the side quests! They felt personable to Miles and his story. One side quest unlocked after completing the main story is collecting postcards. Mile’s mom hides postcards around the city and taped on the back of them were USB drives with messages from Mile’s dad. As a reminder, Mile’s dad was killed in the previous Spider-Man game. It allowed Miles to hear from his dad on his birthday. There’s another side quest where Miles has to locate a cat. After completing this side quest, Miles can unlock a suit with Spider-Cat! The orange tabby gets his mask and gets to hang out in Mile’s backpack as he glides throughout the city. Of course, this suit was my favorite to unlock.

Additionally, Spider-Man Miles Morales has a great soundtrack. The songs on the album embody Mile’s experience growing up in Brooklyn and moving to Harlem. The beat of each song has a resemblance to the diversity in Harlem and even the complexity of Mile’s identity. I have been listening to I’m Ready by Jaden and This is My Time by Lecrae on repeat.

Throughout playing Spider-Man Miles Morales, I found myself comparing it to the 2018 game. The Miles Morales game is short with the campaign taking gamers about 8 – 12 hours to beat. Marvel’s SpiderMan had a story lasting anywhere between 17 – 23 hours. Marvel’s Spider-Man was twice as long as the Miles Morales game. When playing through Miles Morales, I found myself thinking that this game didn’t take me as long to finish. Besides the length of the story, Miles Morales hasn’t been given any DLC unlike the three DLC stories for the 2018 game. When comparing the games, it’s clear the Miles Morales game wasn’t on the same level. It’s disappointing since so many fans were excited to see a Spider-Man that looked like them. It feels this game was made to make money along with setting up the sequel to the 2018 game which I find aggravating.

So what’s next for Miles? While writing my review, I looked to see if any DLC has been announced for the game and I didn’t see anything. The next Spider-Man game should be released in 2022. It seems Miles is a placeholder for fans until the sequel is released for Peter. I wish Insomniac Games would work on DLC for Miles as his story felt too short.

The Vision Complete Collection

Every Friday has been devoted to watching the latest episode of WandaVision. Me and my fiance have been hooked as each episode reveals a piece of the story leading to Wanda and Vision’s life in their sitcom. Since I’m loving the show, I wanted to find more comics that detail Vision and Wanda’s love story. After reading Bookidote’s review of The Vision Collection, I ended up purchasing my copy. The Vision Collection was written by Tom King supposedly inspired aspects of the show on Disney+. The Vision Collection is an engaging albeit dark take on Vision’s life.

Vision is lonely. He was with Scarlet Witch and they had a falling out. As a result, Vision created his wife Virginia, and two kids Vin and Viv. Vision’s family certainly looks like him with pink skin, bright green hair, and the yellow stone on their forehead. The Vision family even adopted a robot dog! On the outside, they had a house in the DC suburbs, Vision was still an Avenger, and all was well, or was it?

The story was captivating! Tom King does such an amazing job painting Vision as someone with more depth. It’s easy to pass him off as being a robot, however, King can craft Vision as someone to sympathize with even though he’s not human. Vision has trouble relating to human emotions, yet he crafts this family because he wants the human experience. He wants to be above what he was created for by Ultron and while working with the Avengers satisfies this need, Vision wants more. I appreciated the darkness in the story. Certain events happen to the Vision family that Vision has to cover up. This graphic novel felt like reading a version of WandaVision except Vision is the star. I kept reading Vision’s dialogue with Paul Bettany’s voice in my head which fits the character.

The art is phenomenal. I like the greens and pinks of Vision’s colors mixed with the panels. The covers of each issue gave off this eery foreboding of something amiss in the suburbs of DC. One cover features a floating mailbox saying “The Visions” in cursive. There’s something about the cover that gives me chills. Their house is in the background and it’s slightly blurred. I think it says a lot about the art of a graphic novel if I’m sitting and staring at the cover analyzing why this cover is drawn the way it is.

Before the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I didn’t think much of Vision. He didn’t stand out to me. After watching WandaVision, and reading The Vision Collection, I understand how complex Vision is. This is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. I never considered Vision to be an interesting character, however, this novel made me think otherwise. I will say this novel doesn’t feature Scarlet Witch as much as I would have liked since the focus is on Vision. I rated The Vision Collection by Tom King five stars on Goodreads.

Women of Bond – From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love was the first Bond film to feature a villainess. Rosa Klebb and her poisonous dagger hidden in her shoe became a totem to the Bond franchise. Tatiana Romanova was a beautiful cipher clerk who was a pawn in SPECTRE’s plans. Both women have specific roles in the progression of this movie. In my Dr. No post, I didn’t touch on women’s rights in 1962. This was due to the fact that there was only a year between Dr. No and From Russia With Love’s release dates. 1963 was a big year in the feminist movie which coincided with From Russia with Love’s release. For my From Russia with Love Women of Bond series, I will discuss the Bond women and major moments for women’s rights in 1963.

Rosa Klebb was played by Austrian-American actress Lotte Lenya. Lenya was a classically trained dancer and had experience performing in Opera. (1) Lenya later in her life won a Tony Award for her role in The Threepenny Opera. (1) Lenya won her Tony before she began filming From Russia With Love (FRWL) After the release of FRWL, she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in the movie, The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone. (1) Lenya lived an incredible life with her natural talents as a dancer, singing in various opera performances, and as a badass female villain who almost took Bond out with a shoe.

Tatiana Romanova was played by Italian actress, Daniela Bianchi. Bianchi was a model winning the Miss Rome pageant in 1960. (2) Bianchi was in numerous Italian films before appearing in FRWL. (2) For her audition, she was too sick to leave her bed, so director Terence Young came to see her and have her perform her audition at her home. (2) After filming FRWL, Bianchi retired from acting to raise her son. Bianchi’s role in FRWL is timeless.

As far as the misogyny in Bond films, Romanova deserved better. Bond slaps Romanova because he thinks she’s hiding information from him only to be proven incorrect. He doesn’t apologize to her. It’s uncomfortable re-watching this scene. It shows how Bond treats women and establishes how he is seen as the dominant world spy who can get away with whatever he wants.

While FRWL had some icky moments for the female characters, 1963 was a big year for women’s rights. Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique which discussed women and their unhappiness being in the home. (3) This was unheard of at the time and it was assumed women liked being at home. Friedan’s book led to the creation of the National Organisation of Women. (3) All Friedan did was write about experiences women were having during this time including the research supporting her statements. I think about my grandma and the expectations she had versus what I have for myself today. I’m happy to be a woman during this time, and Friedan is one to thank for that.

If I can summarize the Connery era thus far, I find these Bond films are more difficult to watch. I’m trying to separate them from the period they were made, but I find Bond’s misogyny comes out more in these films. That’s why I find this portion of my Bond series crucial. The women have helped make the Bond films as memorable as they are although I find the men portraying Bond get most of the credit. If I thought FRWL was bad for women, Goldfinger will take the cake, I mean who names a female character Pussy? Ian Fleming thought it was fine.

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Paola’s Pixels

I started using Etsy more now since the pandemic. I feel good about purchasing merchandise from small businesses and Etsy is the perfect place to look. Usually when I browse on Etsy, I’m not looking for anything specific. A couple weeks ago, I was looking for geeky lanyards to hang the rest of my convention badges. As I was browsing for lanyards, I stumbled upon Paola’s Pixels. Paola’s Pixels is a roleplaying themed online store with lanyards, mugs, clothing, and leggings. I found several lanyards that I adored along with a pair of leggings. I am extremely hesitant to order clothes through Etsy because I’m not sure how the fit will be. However, I was so in love with these leggings that I decided to wing it and order them. I’m so glad I did because I’m obsessed with these leggings.

I ordered four lanyards in total and purchased two of the yellow pattern. The lanyards are so soft! They seem well-made and not cheap-looking. The hook fit perfectly around my convention badges. I prefer the yellow design the most hence why I ordered two of them. I like how random the items are. There’s a cat, a feather, a sword, and flames. The pattern accompanies the randomness that occurs during a DnD campaign.

I saved the best for last which was the DnD themed leggings. I’m not an influencer, so when I say it took me one to two hours to take these photos, I’m not kidding. I wad drawn to the alchemist pattern because of the potions. It reminded me of one roleplaying session I was in where I was the only one in our group who bought healing potions. I was debating between sizes because I heard some of the leggings were sized a bit small. I like my leggings to fit tightly on my legs while leaving room in the waist. I don’t like clothing that fits tightly around the waist, it’s a personal thing for me. I decided to order a medium which is my usual size. If for some reason they didn’t fit, I could always return them.

My initial reaction when trying on these leggings was how soft they are! I will say that the leggings do fit a bit tight on my waist which as I mentioned, I’m not a fan of. I do find the more I wear these leggings, the more the waist loosens. The leggings aren’t see-through which is a huge factor as to whether I will wear them out in public or around the apartment. I can’t wait to wear these to my next convention!

I’m extremely pleased with my order from Paola’s Pixels. The shipping was fast, and accurate. I didn’t need to worry about my order being lost in the mail. For my next order, I want to try out the joggers as the joggers are a cross between leggings and sweatpants. Paola’s Pixels is critical for any roleplayers who want cute merch while rolling a D20.

Vampire the Masquerade Shadows of New York

Vampire the Masquerade. The screenshot was taken by me.

Last year, I invited a couple of friends down to my apartment to play Vampire the Masquerade. Vampire the Masquerade is a roleplaying game released by White Wolf where players create their vampires and roam around a dark city. Vampire the Masquerade is one of my favorite role playing games as I love the dark aesthetic of the game. I found on Steam a variety of different Vampire the Masquerade video games and decided to try it on a whim. Overall, it’s a gritty gaming experience, although I was left wanting more.

Vampire the Masquerade Shadows of New York tells the story of Julia who’s a reporter in NYC. The story she’s writing falls through and she’s swiftly fired from her job. On the subway home, she’s approached by a vampire where she’s “embraced” which is Vampire the Masquerade terminology for being turned into a vampire. As Julia gets comfortable with vampire society, she’s sent to investigate a murder of an older, more senior member of their clan. As she starts interviewing other vampires, she realizes the murder is only the beginning of a sinister plot set to unfold.

Downtown Time Square. Screenshot taken by me.

I loved the art in Shadows of New York, it was easily the highlight of playing this game. I felt each scene Julia was in had darker tones mixed with a dark purple which reminds me of the cover of the Vampire the Masquerade rulebook. The above screenshot is right when Julia was Embraced. She looks down at New York with sudden darkness she never had access to before. I also liked how each vampire had its style. Julia had a gothic look to her while Qadir, the sheriff of the region, was well dressed. Each vampire in the game had these beautiful golden eyes that felt unnatural to look at. Everything artistic about the game was aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Shadows of New York is described on Steam as a “visual novel” which is fitting to the game. There isn’t much interaction I had as the player, it was a lot of listening to the dialogue and choosing actions when prompted. There were times I felt slightly bored since there wasn’t a whole lot of opportunity for me to choose what Julia said at what times. The game prided itself on being able to sway the outcome of the story, however, there were only five “major” choices for Julia. I wish there was more. I don’t feel duped as this was a “visual novel” so it’s more viewing the story versus participating in the game, but I wish I was able to choose more outcomes in the game.

Besides the interaction piece, the game felt too short. According to Steam, I only played this game for five hours. There isn’t anything I need to replay since I finished the game twice and I have unlocked all the achievements. I do think it was worth it to replay this game twice to see both endings. Five hours for two full playthroughs of the game means each time I played a full game it was about two and a half hours apiece. The game itself is priced at $12.99 which I would say is fair for what I got. I wonder if DLC will get released for this because I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Vampire the Masquerade Shadows of New York was an enjoyable game, however, I wish there was more to the game. I want a game released similar to Shadows of New York, but make it more investigative. Let me as the player examine crime scenes and pick which mortal I can feed on. Let me customize my vampire, pick my faction, and change the appearance of my vampire. Once that game is released, I will be a happy, vampire camper.

Just Mercy (2019)

If I have extra time at work, I like to listen to TED talks. One TED talk I recently watched was lawyer Bryan Stevenson who talks about racial injustice within our legal system. Stevenson is the founder of the Equal Justice Initiative a nonprofit organization that provides legal assistance to those arrested illegally and those who are innocent of the crimes they have supposedly committed. The Equal Justice Initiative fights back against the use of capital punishment in certain states. Stevenson wrote a book about this injustice titled Just Mercy where a subsequent movie adaptation was made. I watched Just Mercy and it left me feeling broken and infuriated.

Just Mercy follows Stevenson (played by Michael B. Jordan) as he is beginning to establish the Equal Justice Initiative. While reviewing cases in Alabama, he’s introduced to Walter “Johnny D” McMillian (played by Jamie Foxx) who’s in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Walter has lost hope in his case due to several lawyers offering their assistance and then declining the case. After Stevenson meets with Johnny’s family does Johnny realizes Stevenson’s intentions are pure. Stevenson faces several roadblocks in the case such as being physically intimidated by the police, the blatant refusal by the judge of a retrial even though the evidence is shady, and the reluctant town who is convinced Johnny is guilty. Stevenson barrels through the obstacles and ultimately, Johnny is released from prison.

The whole cast of this movie shined in replicating Stevenson’s story. Michael B. Jordan has quickly become one of my favorite actors on screen. I wasn’t expecting to see Brie Larson in this. She plays Stevenson’s partner. I’m a fan of Brie Larson despite what her haters feel about her. Jamie Foxx of course does a great job. The best performance in this film comes from Rob Morgan who plays another death row inmate, Herbert Richardson. While Stevenson does everything in his power to rescue him, Richardson is executed. Morgan’s emotional performance as he awaits to be escorted to the electric chair was powerful. Where was Morgan’s Oscar Nomination??

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, this movie infuriated me. After watching the film, I read more about Johnny D’s story, Richardson’s story, and another inmate featured in the film. The movie is accurate based on these real events. Our justice system is broken and Stevenson is one of the passionate fighters who is fighting the just cause. Racism is responsible for putting Black men in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. As a reminder, this story took place in Alabama in the 80s. This only occurred 30 years ago. I’m against the death penalty and this movie reminded me of why I hold this stance.

Just Mercy was a heartwrenching story about how racism destroys lives. It’s a film that’s uncomfortable to watch, although that’s part of the importance of the film. I have added Stevenson’s book to my TBR on Goodreads to continue the education of racism and how it seeps into our justice system.

Becoming a Bodmer – Wedding Planning

I haven’t written a personal post in a while, so here it goes. Wedding planning has taken up the majority of my time. This week I was organizing my hair and makeup schedule for the bridal party along with booking our hotel block. I’m trying not to get stressed with having to remember everything I need to book. Throughout this experience, I’m discovering I don’t like planning events. I’m going wedding dress shopping next weekend and the actual dress shopping isn’t even the part I’m most looking forward to. I’m excited to gather my friends together and to have their honest opinion when I try on dresses. With this post, I wanted to share what I have learned from planning a wedding along with documenting this experience.

Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so I find it’s crucial to be organized. My fiance works in finance, so he created an excel sheet with all of our vendors and what we owe. Additionally, we have been logging any down payments or payments made throughout the year. I have also been using my planner to log any checklist items I need to complete for that particular week. This helped me gather almost all of the addresses I needed for save the dates. It helps make wedding planning more feasible versus forgetting what I’m supposed to be doing this week.

The fun part about wedding planning is having an opinion on how the wedding should be. I’m all for the Fall theme. We are planning to have white pumpkins on various shelves at the winery which will feature pictures of loved ones who have passed. Our floral arrangement will be a mix of dark red, orange, and mustard yellow. I still haven’t picked out centerpieces for the tables, so that’s a work in progress. After a conversation with our DJ, he mentioned how at one wedding he was at, he played the song that plays in the Great Hall in the Harry Potter movies. I turned to my fiance who looked less than enthused about playing that at our reception.

While the wedding will be a fun day, I’m more excited to say I’m married to my partner. He is such a lovely human who is respectful to anyone he meets. He has always lifted me when I’m down and I love his knowledge about cars. He will fix things on my car and take my car to get the check engine light looked at. He is someone who I want to grow with as we go through the various phases in our life. After our wedding in October, we will be looking to buy a house. There are a couple of trips I want to go on before I’m fully ready to have kids, but that’s something we both want eventually.

I realize this post was less of a “wedding planning” and more of a personal tone with the relationship I have with my fiance. I do plan on documenting some aspects of our wedding planning as that’s been taking up a lot of my time. Time has been flying by and before I know it, it will be the time to walk down the aisle in the vineyard.

Code Breaking in From Russia With Love – Science Behind Bond

This is my second “Science Behind Bond” post. While I’m trying to post once a week for my James Bond blog series, I find these posts require more research. I enjoy researching and learning new things, but it’s also extremely time-consuming. I wrote this post on Superbowl Sunday, so while everyone is watching Football, here I am writing about code breaking foreign intelligence. In this “Science Behind Bond” post, I’m going to discuss code breaking and the Lektor in From Russia With Love.

The fight scene between Bond (played by Sean Connery) and Red Grant (played by Robert Shaw).

In From Russia With Love, Bond is sent to steal a Lektor cryptography device from the Soviet Union in Istanbul. In the From Russia With Love book by Ian Fleming, Fleming based this device similar to an Enigma machine used in WWII (1). The Enigma machine would encode messages with delicate information such as military plans or other forms of foreign intelligence (2). As the user would type a message, the rotor on the machine would take the message and put it into other letters or numbers, therefore encoding the message (2). For the message to be viewed, the receiving machine would also need an enigma to be able to translate the message (2). The device itself looks like a standard typewriter. The Germans used this in WWII where the Allies would have to break the code. There’s a cool video in the Smithsonian article listed in my sources that I’d recommend watching to discover how the Allies broke the German code.

In the above picture, this is how From Russia With Love portrays the Lektor. This looks like a fancy movie prop than anything else. Based on the information provided, I’m not sure how valuable this would be to the British government. In the previous paragraph, I stated how in order to receive communications and translate them, an enigma would be needed. If the British government was able to deconstruct the machine and figure out what messages were sent, maybe this would have worked. Otherwise, without the corresponding enigma, I’m not sure how quickly the code could have been broken.

From Russia With Love has a bit more accuracy and historical inspiration than Dr. No. Fleming fought in WWII under Britain’s Naval Intelligence Division, so a lot of the inspiration from From Russia With Love comes from previous experience (3). For my next Bond series post, I will write about the Bond women in From Russia With Love.

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