Before I have Kids – List

Now that I’m a college graduate, I think about the other bigger milestones that may be approaching in my life. Moving out of my mom’s place, renting the first apartment, buying a house, getting married, and having kids? Whenever I have been asked if I wanted kids, my answer has always been no. I want to travel to so many places, read so many books undisturbed, and save money. Recently, I realized that maybe I do want kids in my future. I brainstormed a list to achieve before I have my own kids if that is ever a possibility in my future.

As a side note, technically, everything listed here could still be accomplished if I have kids, but it may become more challenging as kids are expensive and time-consuming.

Get a Tattoo

I haven’t gotten a tattoo yet for multiple reasons. I wasn’t sure what my employer would think about tattoos since most jobs need you to cover them up and I wanted to wait to establish myself in a career before thinking about a tattoo. I still want at least one.

Leave the Country

I still haven’t left the US, but I want to. England and Japan are for sure on my travel bucket list along with New Zealand, Australia and so much more.

Have a Pet

[Image shows a young Mariah at age 5 holding a tortoiseshell cat.]

My kids need to grow up with pets around. Dogs, cats, maybe a lizard? Animals add happiness to a household and teach kids how to interact with other creatures. Cats are for sure happening and I want a dog too.

Kids are expensive, time-consuming, and somewhat frustrating at times, but I also think having kids would be a rewarding and happy process. I just know that my answer for having kids is not no, but no not right now.