Which Peacemaker Character Am I – Buzzfeed Quiz

I finished watching the Peacemaker finale with my husband. It was so good! DC is having a ton of issues with their movie universe, but their TV shows have always been decent. After watching the finale, I searched and found a “Which Peacemaker Character Are You” Buzzfeed quiz and wanted to take it. I hope I don’t get Peacemaker.

I picked family for this one. I consider my friends as my family as well, so I think it was the more all-encompassing choice.

I picked Birds of Prey. Birds of Prey is such an underrated DC movie and the movie soundtrack was such an energetic fit to the film. A close second would be Wonder Woman. The only movie on this list I would never choose would be Batman V Superman. There wasn’t enough build-up to introduce Batman and Superman in the film. It was DC trying to get a Marvel cinematic universe without putting in the work to do so.

The next question was picking a favorite song. I didn’t like any of the options, so I won’t post my answer.

King Shark is easily my choice. He’s a huge asset to the team in The Suicide Squad and is hilarious in the Harley Quinn Animated Series.

I picked Euphoria which shouldn’t be a big surprise because I wrote about the show a few weeks ago. Euphoria’s popularity is exploding. I feel like I see ads for Euphoria everywhere. I hope Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney get Emmy nominations.

This question was a lot tougher. I think each member of the Guardians serves a purpose in the group. From a humor standpoint, I like Drax. From a character growth standpoint, I would pick Nebula. I think I’m going to pick Groot as he is sweet and has the backs of the other Guardians.

I would say the two words that fit me the most are either empathetic or eager. I decided on Eager as I always have a lot of energy and I’m passionate about a lot of different things.

Eagly! I love how on the nose Eagly is serving as Peacemaker’s pet.

Yay! I got Leota Adebayo. She’s the member of their group who brings the most humanity to their missions. Plus she and Peacemaker get really close with Peacemaker telling her that she is his best friend besides Eagly.

If you haven’t watched Peacemaker yet, what are you waiting for? It’s available to stream on HBO Max.

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