Before I Have Kids **Update**

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season. I thought this post would be perfect for the holidays. Four years ago, I wrote a post on my blog titled Before I have Kids *list* Originally, I didn’t want to have children, however, now that I’m married and I have a supportive partner, I have changed my mind and become more open to being a parent. I wanted to revisit the list I had written along with providing a few updates.

Get a Tattoo – September 2019

My Harry Potter tattoo is on my left shoulder blade and I still enjoy it. I will say, it feels a bit tainted with everything that the author is saying on social media right now. I thought long and hard about whether I wanted to cover up my tattoo before settling on the fact that I will leave my tattoo as is. I will not let the author of the books ruin the series for me, however, I will not support the franchise any longer.

I have thought about getting a second Dnd-inspired tattoo, but there are no future plans in the works of when I would get this tattoo.

Leave the United States

To date, I have never left the United States. This is an absolute must for me before having kids. I love to travel and Europe is high on my travel list. Due to Covid, me and my husband decided to put our trip to Europe on hold as we don’t want to get stuck in another country and not be able to return home. I hope this will happen within the next few years.

Adopt a Fur Baby – Adopted Athena in 2018

Athena is quietly napping as I write this. She’s a sweetheart and defies any stereotypes about cats. As much as I would love another pet, Athena is a kitty who loves the spotlight. I’m afraid if we introduce another animal, Athena wouldn’t react well. I don’t want to adopt an animal I can’t care for. Athena may be our one and only for a while.

Accomplishing two out of my three original items on my list is a great feeling. Leaving the country is still a non-negotiable for me as I want to ensure this happens. I understand being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and do things, however, priorities shift and I don’t want to feel I missed out on something because I had kids. I wanted to share my updated list down below:

Travel Outside the United States

Buy a House

Since me and my husband are putting our Europe travel plans on hold, we may begin the house-hunting process a little bit earlier. I don’t want a huge house, as I think a house should feel cozy. I would like a yard along with a two-car garage. Other than that, I’m trying to keep an open mind when we go house hunting.

Besides the above two goals, I don’t have anything else I feel like I need to do before having kids. Now that me and my husband are married, this a precious time in our relationship where we can do what we want whenever we want. Me and my husband will decide when we are ready to shift our priorities to expand our family.

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