Bond is Back! Restarting James Bond Blog Series

Towards the end of December, I started my James Bond: Movie and Science Series. I planned on re-watching all the Bond movies and making three associated blog posts. The first was a movie review, the second was a science themed post regarding a specific scene in movie and the final post was centered around the Bond women in that particular film. As I started this series, I found myself falling behind. I found the Connery era of the Bond franchise was a lot more excruciating to re-watch. With this being said, I’m going to be re-starting this series!

I’m making one change with the posts I write. Instead of writing three posts per movie, I’m going to lower this down to two. I still plan on doing a movie review, but instead I will either write a science themed post or a post centered around the Bond women. Three posts became a bit too much especially because I was watching other TV series or movies that I wanted to write about. I think this is much more doable than my original plan.

I’m excited to rejuvenate this blog series. The James Bond franchise means a lot to me and while I struggled to get the motivation to continue on, I feel more refreshed and ready to tackle this again. I needed a little bit of a break, and now I’m back. It’s time to watch the most quoted Bond film of all time: Goldfinger.

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