It – Which Loser Am I?

Towards the end of last month, I FINALLY finished reading It by Stephen King. I started reading It back in October to get in the mood for Halloween. I ended up putting It aside to read a couple of other books on my TBR. When 2021 arrived, I set a personal mission to finish It. I felt if I couldn’t finish It by the end of last month, I would give up. I was debating whether or not I wanted to write a review of the book. Instead, I decided to take Buzzfeed’s quiz to see which of the “Losers” I am. I thought this would be more fun than trying to write a review for a book that’s almost 1,200 pages.

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Buzzfeed’s Which Member of the Losers’ Club from It.

Choose a Dog Breed

I picked a Corgi because they are derpy. However, if I were to ever adopt a dog, I would want to rescue a mutt.

Pick an Iconic Song from the ’80s

I Wanna Dance With Somebody was the song I picked. I’m partial to this song because I used it to teach an ’80s themed workout class at the YMCA for my internship in college.

What’s Something You’re Not Afraid Of.

Blood. I have never felt faint at the sight of blood. It simply doesn’t faze me.

How Do You Love to Spend Your Holidays?

I was debating between reading or playing video games as both of those options are what I like to do with my extended free time. I chose reading because I have been doing a lot more reading than gaming lately.

Pick a Classic ’80s film

All of the movie choices provided weren’t movies I’m drawn to. I decided to pick The Shining.

Pick a School Subject

Science! I found whenever I had electives in high school, I ended up picking science courses.

Choose a Clothing Item

Sweaters. I live in Minnesota. As I’m typing this blog post, the wind chill is negative 20 outside.

Which of Its Forms Would You Rather Face?

Alvin Marsh was the option I chose. I chose Alvin because he was a character I hated. I would be more likely to win in a battle over someone I hate versus one of my greatest fears.

What Would You Take to The Ritual of Chud?

I picked Something Reminding Me of Family. It is such a dark, desolate creature. For me to feel empowered to defeat It, I would have to bring something full of love. I chose something from my family because my family is important to me.

Choose an Item from The Films

Mike’s Stun Gun. Having a weapon on me would give me a solid footing in being able to defeat It.

Where in Derry Would You Like to Visit?

I picked the Derry Town Library. Libraries are beautiful places. They are quiet and I would be able to settle with a book and not be disturbed.

After taking the Buzzfeed quiz, I got Stanley Uris! Noooooooooooo Stanley doesn’t even survive till the end. The reason I got Stanley was that I like quiet places and I’m constantly rolling my eyes at my friends. If I had to pick a favorite “Loser” I think it would be Mike Hanlon. Mike is someone who likes the quieter things in life. He works at the Derry library, he chronicles Derry’s history and he’s the one who got the Losers together when It returned. He also stands up to Henry Bowers on multiple occasions. He rose above adversity where I feel some of the other Losers weren’t able to do so.

I’m glad I read It. I ended up rating It three stars on Goodreads. I like how in-depth the book went into Derry and how the Losers bonded with each other. There were certain scenes I’m glad the movies left out because either they made no sense or they were unnecessarily sexual or violent. The book at times was confusing to follow and I’m still unsure as to what the Ritual of Chud is. For February, I’m going to be reading romance books which will be a nice change in genre for me.

7 thoughts on “It – Which Loser Am I?

  1. I love all of the options you chose. What a fun idea for a post! I heard that in the book, as pre-teens the losers all have sex with another of them because, hell, we’re probably all about to die anyway!!! Was someone having a laugh telling me that or what?


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