Magic on a Budget: The Commander’s Quarters

Commander’s Quarters: Deck Tech.

I don’t get to play Magic the Gathering often, so I tend to watch gameplay videos on Youtube. From The Command Zone, I discovered The Commander’s Quarters. The Commander’s Quarters is hosted by Mitch and his main focus is to create powerful commander decks on a budget. Magic can be an expensive game due to the powerful cards and what they’re worth. Some decks can be worth roughly $700 based on the cards added to a deck. Mitch’s channel steers clear of this to build decks cheaply.

The Commander’s Quarters has a variety of different videos. There’s “deck tech” videos that show what kinds of cards go into a deck. One caveat is card prices do vary. Once the videos go live, a card may increase in value and not be as cheap as what it was described. That’s something that Mitch cannot help as that’s how Magic works.

The Commander’s Quarters released their first gameplay video. At roughly an hour-long, Mitch and three of his friends gather around the table to play a game of Commander. It was a well-balanced game. Mitch used one of his budget-friendly decks and the deck performed well! As a casual player, I don’t plan on putting a lot of money into decks. Eventually, I would like to watch one of Mitch’s videos and build one of his decks to see how it would play.

One reason why I enjoy this channel is Mitch seems to be a genuine Magic player. To describe this statement, Mitch makes it clear you should communicate with your players about playing certain decks. If you have a deck that’s ultra-powerful, it doesn’t hurt to ask your players if it’s okay to bring this to the table. Sometimes, it’s nice to have a challenge. Otherwise, it feels demoralizing to have someone bring this ultra-powerful deck and you feel you can’t do anything during the game.

I have become a fast fan of The Commander’s Quarters. They recently released their Kickstarter with a new playmat which I was more than happy to back. To support The Commander’s Quarters, follow, share, and subscribe to their Youtube channel. The Commander’s Quarters does have a Patreon. I’m enjoying this channel and I look forward to all of the new Magic content.

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