Harry Potter WYR: Fraud or Imposter

Out of all the classes I could take at Hogwarts, Defense Against the Dark Arts would be one of them. It’s essentially a magic defense course. Professor Lupin is my favorite professor to have taught this course which revolves around today’s Would You Rather question.

Harry Potter WYR: Take Defense Against the Dark Arts From a Fraud Like Lockhart or From an Imposter like Mad-Eye Moody / Barty Crouch Jr.

Would You Rather: Be Taught Defense Against the Dark Arts by a Fraud like Lockhart or Taught by an Imposter like Mad-Eye Moody / Barty Crouch Jr.

This question in my mind is all about personal safety. Lockhart may be a fraud, but he wouldn’t try to kill you. . . wait a minute. Okay, so he does aim his wand at both Harry and Ron, but only because they were trying to reveal how he’s a fraud. I would still learn something from Lockhart, but it wouldn’t be from him, it would be from other wizards. One benefit of learning from Lockhart is being able to perform the best Obliviate spell ever.

Mad-Eye Moody’s teaching tactics are in question. He teaches the students about the three unforgiveable curses and he kills the spider in front of the students. This part in both the book and the movie makes me cringe. I always feel for Neville as he looks at the way the spider is being tortured. One benefit to being taught by Moody though is being able to recognize how he’s trying to prepare the students for battling Voldemort. Voldemort doesn’t give a shit about torturing anyone who gets in his way. Moody’s teachings are realistic and maybe what students need.

I’m going to pick. . .

Being Taught by Mad-Eye Moody (despite being an imposter). I would rather be prepared about what could come after me than be sheltered by Lockhart. He gives knowledge, but not about the real world and the terrible spells that exist.

What is your answer? As always let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter WYR: Fraud or Imposter

  1. I think I’d pick the same as you. Even though it would make me super nervous as to who I was actually learning from, I would rather know how spells work instead of whatever Lockhart’s spewing.


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