Harry Potter WYR: Triwizard Tournament or Sorcerer’s Stone Challenges

In the Harry Potter WYR question, you will see a garter next to the green, paper question. This garter if you look closely has all the Harry Potter house logos on it. I received this as a present from my co-workers at my last job right when I got engaged. I do plan on using this garter for my wedding because it’s too perfect. For now, it’s sitting up on my Harry Potter collection waiting to be used. Let’s move on to the question portion of this post.

Would You Rather: Be Chosen for the Triwizard Tournament OR Have to Complete All of the Challenges to Get to the Sorcerer’s Stone??

Would You Rather: Be Chosen for the Triwizard Tournament OR Have to Complete All of the Challenges to Get to the Sorcerer’s Stone

The Triwizard Tournament for me would be more fun to watch than to participate. I’m not a brave or fearless person by any means, so I would find it difficult that I would knowningly put my name in the Goblet. The only reason I could see myself getting picked is if my friend put my name in on my behalf. Out of all the challenges Harry had to face, the worst for me would be either the dragon or the maze. The maze freaks me out because I don’t like darkness or creatures jumping out at me.

The Sorcerer’s Stone challenges seem to rely more on being book smart than physical strength. I could see myself excelling through these challenges. For this would you rather question, I’m going to assume I wouldn’t have to do the challenges myself, since Harry didn’t have to do them alone in the books. I could bring two other trusted friends to help me with this challenge.

I’m going to pick. . .

The Sorcerer’s Stone Challenges. The reason I picked this is being able to recruit help along with being more book smart than physically strong. I may workout, but that doesn’t mean I could take on a huge dragon. Being in a maze where creatures jump out at me would end me. I would probably cover my eyes and forget about casting spells.

How many of you would enter into the Triwizard Tournament? I’m genuinely curious.

9 thoughts on “Harry Potter WYR: Triwizard Tournament or Sorcerer’s Stone Challenges

  1. I definitely agree with you. I’m not super athletic, so I don’t picture myself doing well in the Triwizard Tournament, but I think I’d at least have a shot at the Sorcerer’s Stone.


  2. If three eleven year olds can complete the sorcerer’s stone challenge, then so can I, probably. The only good thing about the Triwizard Tournament is that you would have a lot of help from professors and friends and, Cedric aside, would be less likely to die whereas if Fluffy kills you in that hallway, no one would be around to save you. But like you, I would probably not put my name into the Triwizard cup, so I’d also choose Sorcerer’s stone challenges.


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