Harry Potter WYR: Occlumency or Umbridge?

It feels nice to get back to a sense of normalcy. I’m going to be posting regular blog posts including another entry into my series “Harry Potter: Would You Rather”. Today’s question  is about which painful experience you would rather endure.

Occlumency or Detention with Umbridge .jpeg

Snape is photo bombing this WYR question. Harry Potter WYR: Have Detention with Professor Umbridge OR Take Occlumency Lessons with Professor Snape?

Would You Rather: Have Detention With Professor Umbridge OR Take Occlumency Lessons with Professor Snape?

I already know what my answer will be, but I will discuss each answer anyway. Detention with Umbridge would be literally tortuous. If she can use a blood ink quill against Harry, imagine what else Umbridge could have been capable of. The only good quality here is seeing a bunch of kitties on her wall. The kitties would bring me joy depending on what Umbridge would have planned for me.

Occlumency would be a fascinating magical skill to learn. Regardless of evil wizards penetrating your mind, this would be useful in protecting your secrets from others. I’m interpreting this question with “book” Professor Snape versus “movie” Professor Snape. Alan Rickman made a great Snape, but the movies add more sympathy to his character while the books don’t leave out any details of Snape’s demeanor in classes.

I’m picking . . .

Occlumency Lessons with Professor Snape. I picked this choice because f**k Umbridge. I don’t want to be in any room with her. She’s evil incarnate, but she has that annoying smile on her face. I would take lessons with Snape any day. 

This was an easier WYR question for me, but let me know in the comments which one you would pick.



7 thoughts on “Harry Potter WYR: Occlumency or Umbridge?

  1. Both Umbridge and Snape hated Harry, so detention and occlumency were particularly awful. But I’m not Harry, and I’d like to think that neither teacher would hate me as much. That being said, I agree with you and would rather not be physically tortured, so I’d pick occlumency with Snape as well.


  2. Definitely agree with you on this one. As much as I’m not a huge Snape fan, I absolutely cannot stand Umbridge!


  3. Though I love pink, there’s a time when it can be a bit overdone and Umbridge is the most hated character other than Voldemort so I think I’d rather do Occlumency, even though Snape is a jerk Umbridge is far worse!


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