Harry Potter: WYR Candles or Paintings?

This is my first official entry into my weekly series “Harry Potter: Would You Rather”. I’m already off as I didn’t publish this post last week which was my original plan. Today’s question is about which Harry Potter themed decorations you would want in your house.

Harry Potter Would you Rather Paintings or Candles.jpeg

Would You Rather: Have Paintings That Talk to You or Floating Candles to Light Your House?

When I imagine this question, I think of the floating candles in the Great Hall. The ones hanging above the tables without any attachments to the ceilings. In my apartment, I don’t have paintings, but I do have pictures up on our walls. To me, this would count as having “paintings”. Would you want your pictures to talk to you every time you passed by? 

Let me think this through. Floating candles would be pretty for the holiday season. I do have candles set on smaller shelves in our living room already. The paintings / pictures would be interesting if my personality at that time could give me advice every time I walked by. Another bonus to this would be if you have pictures of loved ones who have passed on, they could talk to you.

I think I’m going to pick. .  .

Have Paintings That Talk to You. I picked this choice for the sole reason of having my deceased loved ones being able to talk to me. I could have had a really shitty day, but if my dad was able to talk to me through a picture I had on my wall, it would easily brighten my day. 

Let me know in the comments which one you would pick! I’d love to know your answers. Be on the lookout for weekly “Harry Potter: Would you Rather” posts.

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter: WYR Candles or Paintings?

  1. I think I’d pick floating candles. I have such a candle addiction, so that would be right up my alley. I do like the idea of talking paintings, but I startle so easily that I’d probably be jumping all over the place if it was quiet and then they started talking haha


  2. I’d also pick paintings. Though I can’t even say I have a deep desire to talk to paintings myself, I think it’d be cool to have access to that. Think of all the murders that could be solved because the painting saw it happen. Or all the historical secrets that could be unlocked.


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