Harry Potter Would You Rather

Harry Potter Would you Rather.jpeg

My Harry Potter themed shelf with the Harry Potter Would you Rather cards. 

I love visiting my childhood home. My dad never threw out anything even cardboard boxes our toys came in. Every time I drive to see my mom, my mom finds something in our house for me to reminisce. The latest discovery was a “Harry Potter: Would you Rather” card game I made. To be honest, I think I made this in college when I became the president of the Harry Potter club on campus. I don’t believe this can be linked all the way back to my childhood. Since this initial discovery, I decided to turn this into a blog series. Every week, I’m going to upload a picture attached to a post of this “Would you Rather” question and answer it. I’m going to do my best to do this weekly, but there’s at least 20-30 cards, so this will go on for a while.

The first card is:

Werewolf like Lupin or One eye like Mad Eye Moody.jpeg

Would you Rather. . . Be a Werewolf (spelled Wereworlf apparently?) like Professor Lupin OR Only Have One Eye Like Mad-Eye Moody? 

This question makes me sad. It makes me think of the ostracization of Professor Lupin in the books. He was made to feel less than especially by Umbridge. In answering these questions, I’m assuming I’m answering this question as if I lived in the Wizarding World.

Being a werewolf would be difficult, but there is the wolfsbane potion. If I could retain my thoughts, I could be a regular wolf wandering around. I would like both of my eye balls though because reading would be easier if I had two eyeballs.

I think I’m going to pick. . .

Only having one eye like Professor Moody. I picked this choice because if I wanted to transform into an animal, I would become an animagus. I wouldn’t want to not have control of myself as an animal. 

Let me know in the comments which one you would pick! I’d love to know your answers. Be on the lookout for weekly “Harry Potter: Would you Rather” posts.



7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Would You Rather

  1. What a fun concept for a Harry Potter game! I think I’d also pick having one eye. I definitely wouldn’t love losing control over my senses when I turn into a wolf.


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